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Mystery Vitamin Deficiency Hidden By B12 Deficiency?

Over the past 6 months, I've been recovering from a severe B12 deficiency. My primary doctor was unwilling to run a B vitamin test believeing that one did not exist and that the pain/tingling in my arms/legs and swollen tongue were all in my head. Thankfully, I was able to correct the problem myself with subligual B12 suppliments. Unfortunately while the pain/tingling in my feet/hands are gone, I'm now slightly tingly all over the rest of my body (started in the ankles and keeps climbing to my head), my swollen/burning tongue is currently terrible again, and now my cheeks are going numb.

I was able to strongarm my primary into doing at least a D and iron test (which came out back as being both slightly below nomal but not deficient) but I'm wondering what else I could be lacking. I've been taking a women's multivitamin, a b-complex suppliment and a 5000 mcg subligual B12 suppliment. Could I possibly be taking too much B12? I keep geeting mixed opinions on whether you can actually take too much or not but I'm afraid that if I stop, my first symptoms will come back.
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I don't know much about B12 deficiency. Maybe your body may have trouble absorbing?

Folic acid in multivitamins isn't good. I take methyl-folate with my B-12.

If your iron/ferritin and D3 are low normal you should consider it deficient because lab ranges are much too low.

D3 range shows 30-100ng/mL as normal. You need gone above 50.

Ferritin should be above 50, someone told me 80 for hair growth.
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