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Side effects during Vitamin D recovery subsides with Calcium

I'm taking 50,000IU vitamin D3 per week because of my low Vitamin D level.
Within a few days, the following symptoms developed:
- Extreme thirst that won't go away with fluid
- Fast heart rate (I could hear hear beating in my ears whole time)
- Muscle tightness
- Extreme fatigue (could sleep 24hr if I wanted)
- Increase in appetite (found this to be good since I've always been underweight and not much appetite)

So, I did some research and read that these symptoms are caused by Magnesium deficiency.  So, I tried high doses of magnesium with Vitamin D for a few days and it did not help a bit (even tried topical magnesium oil which is known for best absorption).

I also read that these symptoms are caused by high calcium in blood.
BUT, I wanted to try 500mg of calcium just before I give a rest to the recovery due to the extremely uncomfortable symptoms. And within a few hours of taking calcium those symptoms disappear, and I get great energy that I have never felt before.

Can someone explain why this happens? I thought all those symptoms are from high calcium in blood so I was supposed to avoid calcium and take magnesium instead????? So confused......
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High doses of vitamin D can do two in regards to magnesium and calcium: cause magnesium deficiency and either high or low calcium levels. Excess vitamin D is a rare cause of high calcium levels however. High calcium also decreases appetite so i'd rule that out as the problem.

Magnesium, calcium and vitamin D all work together in a team so when you take too much of one the others are affected.  Taking vitamin D and magnesium and then adding calcium to balance it all out seems to have done the trick in my opinion.
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