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I'm 25 and I've started to take a few different supplements. I just wanted an opinion on whether what I plan to take will be beneficial to me or not. My girlfriend, who's a nurse, said I should look into it further.

Men's Multi-Vitamin

Black Raspberry 425mg

Selenium 200mcg

Vitamin D 50mcg

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Hi there,
A multivitamin is never a bad thing, you can add a b complex (water soluble) if you want.
If you're vit d deficient or your diet lacks vit d, then vit d is a good option, but it's fat soluble, meaning it can accumulate in your body- and the multi probably has 100%dv vitamin d..
Selenium is a trace mineral and (again) is probably 100%dv from a multi. You don't want anything over 400mcg from all sources or its toxic.. So you have to take into account selenium from diet-  but for future, don't waste your money on supplements, eat two or three Brazil nuts a day (if youre not allergic) and you have roughly that much selenium..
Black raspberry, I don't know anything about.. Anything antioxidant I like to try, but just make sure it agrees with you and doesn't cause any side effects.
Hope this helps!
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Hi, I'm sure you'll be benefited from the supplements you're taking. But my suggestion is that you take these after consulting a doctor so that you can know about the dosage that would be suitable for you.

Vitamin D supplements are really good for you, as they help you stay away from osteoporosis and osteomalacia, two bad conditions that make your bones weak and fragile.

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Vitamins and Supplements are helpful for us. They helps us to maintain our health and fitness. But be sure to take these Vitamins And Supplements in limit. If you take these vitamins and supplements over the prescribed dosage this can be harmful for you.
So taking Vitamins and Supplements is good but don't take it without an expert's suggestion.
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