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Systemic Enzymes Causing Spider Veins and Vascular Differences

Several years ago I took a substance called Neprinol, which has serrapeptase, nattokinase and other enzymes. After about one month I noticed that I had more veins in my eyes, new more visible veins in my temple and even some spider veins in a few areas. Ever since then I've never been able to find a doctor who will take the time to help me or try to understand what may have happened. I've found a few mentions of this happening online but almost all reviews of serrapeptase are 100% positive. I'm looking for anybody (please somebody!) that can help me figure out why blue veins/spider veins would be a side effect of systemic enzymes such as serrapeptase. I've been pretty nervous about it, because I also seem to have pulsing arteries on my temples suddenly as well. Tests were negative for inflammation.

I found one guy online that claimed that his eyes got red with serrapeptase and it was because it dumped a bunch of stuff in his liver. I also found another guy that said it raised his blood pressure when her took it.

What I'm worried about it that it ate away my veins or damaged more of the inside of my body than I can see. Does anybody have any insight into this?
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I have no idea if this supplement has any connection to what you're describing.  I can tell you, and you can learn this just by Googling it, is that both nattokinase and serrapeptase are suspected of being blood thinners, which can prevent normal clotting.  You have to stop taking them if you get surgery, for example.  Even bromelain, from pineapple, a very commonly used enzyme used as an antihistamine and anti-inflammatory, is suspected of this.  You are speaking of blood vessels, so maybe there's a connection.  Unfortunately, doctors are ignorant of virtually everything involving anything pharmaceutical, including and especially naturally derived ones that can't be patented and therefore are frowned upon by the AMA.  Also consider that anyone can have a reaction to anything -- we all have odd things we just can't consume.  I don't know if anyone knows enough about this to answer the causation question, but if there is, it would have to be a scientific researcher who specializes in enzymes or a specialist who works with them.  That wouldn't be your average doc.    
By the way, the formula you were taking seems kind of odd.  Most enzyme formulas are for a purpose, not a bunch of purposes.  For example, proteolytic enzyme formulas, which digest protein, are usually taken in between meals and are for helping decrease inflammation.  Digestive enzymes are taken after a meal and are usually for digestive problems and help break down what you eat so you digest it more easily, or are taken if you have gas.  Nattokinase is usually taken by itself or by eating natto, a fermented soy condiment popular in China and Japan.  It's used for completely different purposes.  Just saying, in all the years I worked in the health food biz, and I admit I left it a while back, I never saw a formula that mixed so much together that serves such different purposes.  
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