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VIT B12 deficiency

Recently diagnosed with with Vitamin B12 deficiency is this a serious concern

Symptoms tiredness tongue issue sever mood swings and general uneasiness on digestion
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Yes.  But when you say diagnosed, by a doctor?  If so, what did your doctor recommend doing about it, if anything?  Was it a severe deficiency or a tiny one?  Were you tested more than once -- we can vary by the day, the hour, the week, etc. in our levels.  Your symptoms match a B12 deficiency.  Are you a vegetarian or vegan?  There's almost no B12 in non-animal food.  I guess my main question still is, you were diagnosed, which means you got a blood test I assume, and I assume also this means you have a doctor.  So again, what was recommended?  Because if the deficiency was severe, two things should have happened:  one, you should have been given a B12 supplement by injection as a start, and you should have been tested for a genetic problem that can cause some people to be unable to absorb certain B vitamins.  Whether it's a serious concern is if it's a chronic condition, which can only really be known by more than just one test.   That would show it's a chronic problem, not just one low day.  Most docs don't do that, but you can ask.  But your symptoms would match a chronic B12 deficiency.  So would a lot of other things.
Vit b12 - 456 in 2017
Only high uric acid no other complaints
2017-2019 in Uk high consumption of alcohol and junk food
Vitamin b12-178
Blood sugar - hb1ac - 6.4 pre diabetic
Uric Acid - Normal
Acidity issues and throat clearing

They have now given vit b12 tablets is there a link to the above should I be worried a lot ?
Worrying never solves anything, so no.  I'm not a doctor, I'm giving no medical opinions.  You want to make sure the B12 tablets are the right form of B12; some forms are not absorbed well.  Doctors are notorious for giving us poorly absorbed vitamins.  The form you want is methylcobalamin.  Sublingual gets into the system better and faster than regular pills.  Injections are even quicker.  If you have that genetic defect I mentioned, you'll need a methylated form of B.  Again, you have a doctor, ask your doctor, and make sure your doctor is good at the job, but again, worrying doesn't solve anything.  Doing something about a problem does.
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