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Vit D/B12 and TSH blood results...

Just had blood results which my GP has advised normal no action Vid D = 35 nmol/L (30.00 - 300.00nmol/L)
Vit B12 = 132 ng/L (130.00 - 800.00ng/L)
TSH = 1.44 (0.35 - 5.00mi/L)

Would treatment of all these make me feel better as I currently feel horrendous and note all results are at the low end of 'normal range' Please help...
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It depends on whether your symptoms correspond to what happens when your levels of these. things are out of balance.  I assume you had a Tsh test for your thyroid, but know that it doesn't actually test your thyroid -- it hints at potential problems but the only way to tell for sure is to test your free T3 and T4, the hormones considered most significant in the thyroid.  These days many docs do recommend D supplementation because people just don't go out in the sun anymore, and it's true that being the in the lower range of thyroid or B12 does affect some people negatively.  Again, though, you don't state what's going on, just that you generically don't feel good, and you probably told your doctor more than what you're saying here and your doctor isn't concerned.  But doctors are fallible.  It's pretty easy to do a test of B12 by taking a sublingual supplement of the methylcobalamine form, but if you take too much for too long it is possible to throw your B6 and folate out of balance as the three are in balance together.  But with so many nutrients out there to choose from and so many things in your diet or lifestyle or genetics that can go wrong, why did you choose to focus on these three particular items?  What's going on?
Oh, forgot to say, and you can also supplement easily with D3, the natural form.  You can try that and see what happens, again not overdoing it because again, things are in balance in a healthy body.  Too much D activates too much calcium which can adversely affect the other electrolyte minerals, especially magnesium, so you do want to avoid the super large doses some people take.
Hi - thanks for your reply - I used to he on vit d supps, I again feel like I did then, tired, lethargic, muscles aches, pains, headaches, lack of energy and just feel generally rubbish! my mother suffers from pernicious anaemia and has b12 herself! I just asked for these tests to see for myself again, but the doctor has labelled them - fine no action
As I said, that doesn't mean your doctor is right -- and it doesn't mean your doctor is wrong.  There are so many reasons why people can feel the way you do it's hard to pin it down, and if it's physiological in nature only a very thorough doctor who doesn't give up will eliminate the possibilities.  So for now, you actually haven't had a thyroid test.  Doctors will only do a real one if you as for it, but holistic nutritionists will do it.  Insurance, however, doesn't cover them.  But just to this amateur, I can think of many things that it might be -- depression, fibromyalgia, chronic fatigue syndrome, nutritional deficiencies from a poor diet that don't show up in blood tests but might if you told someone what you eat, lack of exercise and movement, insufficient hydration, lyme disease, other hidden viruses and bacterial infections that can be hard to find -- and I could go on.  These are such common symptoms of so many things that can be wrong.  But I did mention depression, it could be mental as well.  If your doc seems like one that just does the easy stuff, and most of them are like that, you need to find a better one.  
I guess what I mean by that, as I didn't say is, if I can think of all this possible stuff and I'm just a guy on the internet, why didn't your doctor?
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