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Vitamin D Deficiency?

Hey there,

I am just curious about some symptoms I have. I recently strained my wrist, but also have been experiencing slight pain in other joints and general body pains. I'm fatigued and somewhat dizzy. I've also been quite depressed, though I may need to up my intake of iron in that case. I had stopped taking vitamins for a time (my head was in the clouds, you could say) and just began again today. Are these symptoms of a vitamin or mineral deficiency? I can't see the doctor until next week.

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I also a a 22 year old female with functional dyspepsia.
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I also have shortness of breath!
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I too faced the same problem and went to doctor, she asked me to go for D4 level test (25-hydroxy vitamin D test), the result was 4 (ng/mL), she prescribed me uprise d3 60k IU capsules.  My advice is for you to consult a Physician
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enjoy the sun! ;D
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Yes, the problems you are experiencing indicate that you have vitamin deficiencies. Pain in joints and weak bones are often an indication of vitamin D deficiency, an important vitamin a deficiency of which often results in osteoporosis and osteomalacia, increasing the chances for people to suffer from skeletal pains. So I would suggest you consult a doctor immediately and get some vitamin D supplements. Since you are feeling fatigued, you may also have B12 deficiency. So from now on you must eat foods rich in this vital nutrient or take supplements. Thanks.  
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