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Vitamin Question, please read.


I am 22 year old female. Is it safe to take a Women's One a Day vitamin AND a Vitamin D (400 IU) supplement together?

Also, I've been taking a large tablet for the multi-vitamin and a soft gel for the Vitamin D supplement, I was just wondering because the after taste of the Women's One a Day vitamin makes me nauseous, if there is an equivalent that aren't tablets and do the exact same job and are still really effective? For example, the adult chewable gummy vitamins such as Multi-Vites?

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The upper tolerable vitamin D per day is 4000IU so it is safe to take a vitamin D supplement with a multi vitamin. As you live in the US, then look for the USP (US Pharmacopeia) verified label.  The currently accepted standard for USP is that the tablets must dissolve within 15 to 30 minutes of being in the stomach. The chewable gummy vitamins sounds like it would be effective as you are breaking it down before swallowing.
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One has to be careful supplementing without a doctor's guidance because Vitamin D can be toxic.  Please supplement with your doctor's assistance .. 4000iu's is equal to 32,000iu's a week and that is extremely high in my honest opinion and needs a doctor's guidance/approval.

Remember, Vit D can be toxic if taken in high levels.

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Thank you very much for both of your responses. This is helpful. I talked to my neurologist and he recommends 2000 IU daily, until I'm at a normal Vit D level. Does anyone know about fish oil? I heard fish oil is suppose to be good for you too. What is a standard dose? It seems like 1000mg is pretty common.

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