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Vitamin absorbtion

I have been diagnosed with B6 toxicity and toxic neuropathy. I also tested positive for half of the MTHFR gene mutation.  I have cut out B6 foods in my diet and within a month, returned to a normal level.  However, I still have the same symptoms.   Tingly feet, legs and hands, unbalanced and lightheaded and have passed out a few times.   Now, with my new bloodwork my Vitamin K is elevated at 1453.   I have no idea what this means.   Am I not processing vitamins correctly in my body because of the MTHFR gene mutation.   My doctors don't seem to have an answer for me.
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I don't think your elevated K levels are anything to be concerned about.
However, I am curious about your Vitamin D levels.
If they are relatively low or in the orthodox recommended range (32ng/mL), I'd personally try to elevate them by about 3 times with adequate supplementation of say 70 000 IU of D3 on a weekly basis for 3 or 4 months, then reduce to 30 000 or 40 000 IU weekly for maintenance.

You certainly seem to have all of the necessary precursors to raise D3.

Out of curiosity though... which B6 foods did you eat to end up with toxicity levels?
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I was eating a lot of kale, sweet potatoes, fish, meat, etc.  trying to eat healthy and keep my potassium up.   My B6 level dropped pretty rapidly by cutting back on these foods but I literally don't know what to eat.  I have been living on hot dogs and rice noodles!   I am not sure if this MTHFR gene mutation has any reflection on how I am processing my vitamins.   I was told to stop eating green leafy vegetables to lower my vitamin K, but I haven't had any of those in months.    Its all very confusing.   My doctor called and said my potassium was high, but when I looked at my results on the patient portal, it said Vitamin K and I didn't think those were the same.  on 2 hospital visits, my potassium was really low???  My vitamin D is not bad, kind of on the low end, but ok.  
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Might I inquire on your exact Vitamin D numbers?

However... if you don't know the exact figure but know that they are on the low end, I would suggest some supplementation with 10 000 IU D3 daily to bring those numbers up to say 70 to 90 ng/mL (or 175 to 225 nmol/L).

Plus, raising your Vitamin D levels could balance out the other figures.
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Here are the numbers on my report
25-OH total  31
25-OH D3   31
25-OH 02  <4

The doctor didn't leave a note or say that they were low, came back normal?  

With all of my vitamins being out of whack I don't know what to do anymore.   I still find it hard to believe that my b6 dropped so low so fast, and that my Vitamin K is high, considering I do not eat a lot of green leafy vegetables at this point.  I was eating salads, because as I mentioned, I find it very hard to find something to eat to keep all of my low/high vitamins in check.  

I live in FL so this time of the year is definitely a good time to get some natural Vitamin D, but not sure with my blood pressure and passing out issues if going to the beach or getting over heated is good.  I know my body does not do well with the cold, heat, not sure yet.   Thanks for your help, appreciate it.  
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Your D levels are not exactly what I would call 'great' or recommended.
Those levels ARE recommended by the orthodoxy for bone health etc. but other than that, the levels would have to be about 2.6 times higher for great health.

As I said, since your K levels are pretty high, supplementing with 10 000 IU of D3 per day (or 70 000 IU, once per week) would be great for about 2 months to bring your levels to much higher ones.
Natural D3 is always better of course, but  you don't have to burn yourself in the sun.
In general, all you need is about 10 to 15 mins in the summer sun between 10am and 3pm to get 10 000 IU of D3 daily.

Since getting out into the sun between those time periods is not exactly doable for everyone, perhaps you can consider supplementation as suggested.

Also pay attention to your Magnesium levels.
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Thank you.   Being in the sun right now is completely doable for me since I have been laid off from my job.   Will try to get some natural sun and when I follow up with my primary next week, discuss all of this.  
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