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What supplements to get weight

I am a boy, 18. I am 65 kg, 1.85m. I want to start gym, but I feel I am too slim and powerless to do any exercises.
I want to know if I should and what supplements do I have to take to get on weight? Proteins? Creatine? At what dosage and are there any side effects using them?
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The simplest way to gain weight is to take larger portions of everything, assuming your diet is well-balanced and healthy. Normal weight varies with body build. You may be light-boned. In any case, your growth has not stopped and with time you will thicken out a little and add to your weight naturally.
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u can use any protein powder than combines gud amount of carbs with it

besides u r just 18, ul have to wait longer until u get the thick musc look u want boy ;-)
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