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low vitamin D

30yr old male count is 26 they put me on 50,000 iu my symptoms are fatigue ,legs and stomach hurt ,warm felling in chest ,lightheaded and headaches they did an mri on the brain a stress test and a ekg plus a bunch of blood work everything came back good except for low vitiamin d count can that cause all these symptoms and if so how long till i start feeling better this is my first week on 50,000 iu
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I've never been on a dosage that high, but I do know I tend to feel better quite quickly when I have started taking my supplements. Is your dose by pill or by injection?
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by pill
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I was on 50000IU/wk for a deficiency but wikipedia says 4000 IU is the highest daily dose
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does vit D reduce inflammation and help circulation?
the fish oil and vit C I'm taking doesn't seem to help
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You were not put on 50,000 IU a day. You were instructed to take this pill once a week. It is a protocol for patients who the physician determines will not be compliant with a daily low-dose. There is nothing unusual in this protocol. Make sure you take a calcium supplement the day you take the pill or drink three glasses of milk.
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