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still looking for answers..

okay, so i’ve been having. the weirdest & most uncomfortable symptoms lately & i need some insight on what people might think it sounds like, because so far, my doctors haven’t figured anything out. my symptoms are:

brain fog.

heart palpitations.



neck pressure.

tremors inside of head.

my head will jerk by itself.

i see a bunch of different spots in my vision. (stars too)


sensitive to light & noise.

neck pain at times.

sweating alot more than usual.

vibrating sensation inside neck & head.

involuntary rapid eye movement.

feeling of moving when sitting still.

heavy head.

tingling in head & neck.

neck stiffness.

buzzing throughout my whole head & face.

ringing in my ears at times.

stomach issues.

they thought i had vertigo, so i went into PT. but my physical therapist laid me back on the bed, & she said my pupils would dilate & constrict really fast.

i’ve been to a chiropractor & he says my C1 disc is out. we’ve been working on getting it back to normal. could that cause all of these symptoms? i quit going though.
i saw a neurologist & he said it is my muscles.
it’s weird because these symptoms go away when i drink alcohol. i have a spinal tap tomorrow.

i’ve also been having pressure everywhere in my head, my ears, sinuses.
they also say i have low iron & low vitamin D.
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If you have low iron and vitamin D, that could explain it all, depending on how low.  It's most likely not your disc.  Everyone has disc problems but they're not usually the cause of pain -- they have to be very bad for that -- mine are very bad.  Only an MRI might tell you that, but even then, it's usually muscular.  But we're not doctors here and you're reporting so many symptoms, it could be so many things.  Not sure what you mean you have vertigo -- that's not a disease, it's a symptom of something else being wrong -- can be caused by inner ear problems, anxiety, and if you had it most likely alcohol would make it worse, not better, as alcohol affects balance.  Do you suffer from anxiety?  Because, again, this isn't the kind of stuff alcohol should make better.  It's just a lot of stuff.  
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Look into seratonon shock syndrome and also, list ALL medications and supplements to identify interactions. Show a pharmacist or two they are great for this but you can cross ref meds and supplements online. Illicit drugs should also be considered if applicable.
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