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vitamin D - weird side effects!!

i have been taking vitamin D supplements for a long time and several different brands including tablets and gelcaps and first isolated the weird symptoms i was having to vitamin D3 about a year ago

symptoms appear 1hr or more after ingesting as little as 400IU of vitamin D - heart arrythmia, numbness of limbs, severe disorientation, nausea

its so strong i literally cannot even go to sleep because i will keep waking up every half an hour and be VERY disoriented and confused

pretty scary stuff, anyone else experience anything like this? don't take any other medicine, no weird food, etc. also i know i can't be OD'n on Vit D because i rarely go out in the sun, whenever i DON'T take any my health is excellent, no allergies to anything
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also i want to add the vitamin d i always took didn't have calcium in it, the one i take right now (and honestly after having the same reaction tonight i wont be taking any more until i talk to a doctor about this) is GNC 400IU D3
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I worsened my exisiting magnesium deficiency taking higher doses of vitamin D over a prolonged period of time.  Symptom of magnesium deficiency include heart arrythmias, numbness, confusion/disorientation, nausea, insomnia. The catch 22 on this is that magnesium is the most important co factor for vitamin D absorption.
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Being new here I am reading a whole bunch of entries-
I happened to find this one after I had read yours.


One banana taken with that pill might make all the difference in the world.
(Take it before bed, AND you get to go to bed with a little bit of food in your tummy)!
Who knows? It might work!

Even though I spend a LOT of time outdoors, I have to take D3 and calcium for my severe osteoporosis. I have to admit I have never heard of such reactions to the D-group until I read about it on here.

*** On (perhaps) a related note, have you ever had your thyroid checked?
I admit to having to take Armour thyroid (it is the only 'natural' thyroid supplement).
If you do take a thyroid supplement, try taking that before bedtime too. I have done that for about a year now, and feel wonderful during the days that follow.

Changing up the times we take the supplements (no matter what the recommendation is), and with what foods seems to be very important.

My best to you-

Please do not patronize GNC, huge chains like them, including WalMart vitamins etc. -Buy something grown/made/produced in the USA-
For that guarantee, you would need to look up "Bay Natural Foods" or go here:
To the very best of my knowledge these supplements are all made in the USA-
(Though I do not know him, my mother knew the founder through his little store in Green Bay. Mom was 'a health food nut" long before the time that everyone began realizing the value of a good diet).
Mama died, at 83, in 1998.
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