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I eat loads of vegetables with some supplements. Does it create overdose symptoms?

Hi everyone

I changed my diet last 1 month and added few supplements to my daily intake. Can someone who has knowledge in this please help me ?

I am male 36 years old.

Now i am eating:

1- Fish cod oil tablet (500mg)+vitamin D (100% RDA)
1 - Probiotics
1 - Vitamin B complex (100% RDA)
1- Zinc - 8mg (75% RDA)

I eat 5 fruits a day, Green vegetables,ginger raw juice  ; seafood(fish,prawn) everyday+2 eggs

Is it ok to take Vitamin B complex everyday as i dont eat much meat , also ok to take zinc? and other supplements i listed above ? I think i take dosage only upto 100% RDA.


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If you're saying you're taking a cod liver oil supplement every day for no particular purpose, stop that one.  It can be too high in Vitamin A, which can be liver toxic.  Take an omega 3 fish oil supplement instead for daily use.  Zinc can be toxic, so take care with that one.  For example, if you're taking a multi, which isn't a bad idea, or an immune system supplement as well, the zinc can add up.  The B should be fine as long as it is properly balanced.  If you just want a Vitamin D supplement, don't get in a cod liver oil supplement, just take the D separately.  Make sure it's D3.  The real question, though, is always, why are you taking what you're taking and are you buying quality supplements or poor quality ones or unreliable companies so you don't get properly absorbed nutrients or can't rely on the label.  When you say you eat 5 fruits a day, that can be a lot of sugar, depending on which fruits you mean -- better to get your antioxidants from veggies than eat too much fruit, but you don't say which fruit you're eating -- most people don't really know which foods are which.  For example, nuts and seeds and squash and tomatoes are fruits, and many people don't know that.  You might.  But if you mean you're eating five bananas or five oranges a day, that might be okay but if you're eating other foods with sugar it can be too much sugar.  Peace.
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I will explain the contents of the food i eat:

1. Apple
2. Rasberry/strawberry/rockmelon/nectraines/lemons/avacodo/ - i eat three from these
3. Pumpkin seeds (30g)
4. Chia seeds (20g)
5. Flax seeds (20g)
6. Red Cabbage/brocoli +Ginger
7.1/2 cucumber

- I take your advise and change the cod liver oil to omega 3 fish oil . Can i take 1000 mg omega 3 fish oil or should take less than 500mg?

- Vitamin B - Boots pharmacy company - I take because i got headache sometime like around eye pain when i work in computer.

- Probitoics - Bio kult probiotics - I take ecause i had appendix operation in 2010 after that i had some problems in digestive tract. even now if i dont drink enough water, i don't have easy bowel movement. so i started to take probiotics.

-  Zinc - I haven't started to take yet. Sometime I feel urination in the night ? i always drink water 200ml before bed. i feel bit difficult to urinate to start flow in the night but in the day time it goes normal as i drink more water

I did a full blood test with doctor last week. He tested Liver, kidney, blood count,HbA1c . Also i tested my blood glucose level with self test kit. It gives 4.5 mmol/l when i wake up after food is 6.2 mmol/l.  In the blood test, everything normal.

Please advise.

While not impossible, 36 is young to have a prostate problem, which would be the reason to take the zinc for a urination problem.  I assume your doc when he did your physical checked the prostate.  Usually when people take zinc for the prostate they take it in the form of pumpkin seed oil, which makes it more likely not to have too much zinc.  They would also take other things along with it.  It's probably fine, but if your problem isn't from the prostate, and again, your doc should be checking that when you have your physicals, then zinc won't help any.  You might have an enlarged prostate, it's certainly possible, but usually that problem arises a few years down the road, but we're all different.  If you think you have an enlarged prostate find out.  But again, you're probably fine, just don't overdo it.  Probiotics for digestion is fine, but make sure it's a good brand found in the refrigerated section of a really good health food store.  I personally don't trust drug store brands, I like to buy from known companies rather than from store labels made by who knows who.  Not sure what B vitamins would do for your eyes and the computer, though.  I'd think more in terms of antioxidants that protect the eyes, such as glutathione, which you can get from wheat grass, and lutein, which is in green leafy vegetables, just as examples.  If you look at a good vision supplement you'll see what's in them.  But you might also want to get your vision checked.  You may need glasses to work on the computer.  The main probiotic you want for digestion is bifidus, so make sure that's in the one you're taking.  Not sure what that food list represents -- surely you eat more than just those foods, and surely you don't only eat those foods, right?  Not sure where you're going with that list.  It's certainly not going to give you everything you need, and it's best to eat a variety of vegetables more than a variety of fruits, though fruit is important.  Those pumpkin seeds have zinc in them, by the way.  The one B vitamin you need to get from animal sources is B12, which you can get from fish if you avoid red meat.  If you're a vegan, it's a good idea to supplement with it, but since those are from animal sources, it kind of makes you not a vegan anymore.  Hard to find a lot of good quality B12 in plant food, but it can be done if you try really really hard and eat things mostly eaten in Japan.  The dose of omega 3 should be on the bottle, but again, only buy from a quality company or you'll be consuming contaminated fish.  Peace.
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