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room spinning

hiya could anyone help me i have been feeling as though the room closes in on me and then starts spinning real fast which i have to hold my head to try and stop it going on,this has been going on for a week now could i be low in vitamins?
i would appreciate any answers please, i have had problems with my liver over the years ( fatty liver ) which my doctor says its through drinking,when this started to happen to me it scared me so i havnt had a drink but i still have the feeling of the room closing in and spinning sensation.
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Low blood pressure can cause vertigo when rising from a sitting/lying position... be sure to have that checked.
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Spinning room sounds like vertigo. Have your ears been checked?

I'm dizzy from low vitamin D, low iron and possibly low B12. You can get blood work done to check your levels and take supplements to correct. you may need magnesium also
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thanks for your comment my ears are fine but will get some blood tests done to check my levels in vitamins...much appreciated
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