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How do you cope and how to cope?

So I have Unilateral vocal cord paralysis. I have had it since I was a baby because of a operation. I have had a operation since then to improve it.  (Permanent  implant )  and voice therapy. It has improved a bit. I was wondering how to cope with it as people are always asking me to speak up or if I have a cold or making hurtful comments. So how do you cope when people ask you about your voice  and how do you cope in life general with it. Please share your experiences. Any advice . Thanks.
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Hi shygirl2015 I'm dealing with similar issue. I have vocal cord damage from a car accident I was in, the shame is it wasn't the car accidents fault it was the doctors. They put an adult breathing tube instead of a child size one because I was only 12. I know what it feels like the constant questions harmful words and unsure stares. I would really just like to be able to talk to someone and maybe we could coach each other through the hard stuff. If you'd like to talk my emails ***@****
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