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Elevated IGM.

I am wondering if someone could be kind enough to help me. I went to my immunologist, for further testing , due to suffering pnuemonia, and nephritis.

She has found an Elevated IGM. which the hospital found last year but didnt tell me, so i have had an elevated IGM for over 12 months. My immunologist wants me to go back in 4 weeks to have it tested again. and said if it is high again she will have to refer me to a liver specialist.
I am really confused about this as i havent had a drink for 12 years.

I have had a lot of problems recently, with fatigue, bruising, joint pains, gastro problems, tingling, and my hands and feet going purple, tingly, and pins and needles.

I have posted in this forum as people talk about high IGM,
I would be grateful for any information, and maybe some help in who i need to see for this.

Yours gratefully
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