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Hyperviscosity/fingers and toes turning black

My father has recently been diagnosed with Waldenstrom's, or I should say the docs are mostly sure that is what he has.  He is currently hospitalized as he has hyperviscosity syndrom (blood is very thick from the elevated levels of proteins) and his fingers and toes are starting to turn black from lack of circulation.  I haven't come across anything online like this and was wondering if anyone has experience with this?  He is currently receiving chemo and blood treatments to manually remove the proteins. Any info would be GREATLY appreciated.  He is in so much pain that he's on large amounts of morphine and can't really do anything.
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WM is a rare disorder, affecting about 1500 people annually in the United States. Patients are elderly (average age 63), and males are affected more often than females. High serum viscosity results from a substance called M protein circulating in high concentration in the blood. A history of Hepatitis C infection is sometimes found. Your father's fingers and toes turning dark is medically described as "acrocyanosis". His pain may be related to a sensory-motor neuropathy that is often seen in these patients.
More information is available at: http://www.emedicine.com/med/topic2395.htm, although the article contains medical jargon.
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I recommend the International Waldenstroms Macroglobulinemia Foundation website at
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my friend had a baby 9 days ago at home,. she had been fighting a blatter infection but refused antibiotics... after baby was born she went to ER due to infection going to kidneys and liver. now she is in a coma, her fingers and toes have turned black.. her blood is septic and she is very swollen. we are getting different oppionions depending on the Dr. or nurse. some say no hope she will die others say hang in there. dont know if they are shinning us on for hope or what .. any info is appreciated. Even if its terrible. I need to know as I have the baby and the 5 year old boy. Please.
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I know my reply is years to late but I just wanted to say I hope your friend pulled through and ill  say a prayer for all of you.
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