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What does these labs indicate?

I started out researching renal failure but my labs keep leading me to multiple myloma.  I am in stage 3 renal failure that was found on a routine blood test.  I have been treated for high BP for many years.  My GFR is 34.  

My GP sent me to a kidney specialist.  He did more labs and they came back with more puzzling questions.  My labs are:
calcium 10.2 (high) - vitamin D 10 (low) - potassium 3.2 (low) - monoclonal protein 0.2 (high) - monoclonal protein seen in Beta fraction (?).

Can someone explain all this to me.  I am not at all alarmed but know something is wrong.  My kidney doctor seems to be moving slowly on this.  He also did an ultrasound of my kidneys and renal arteries but it will be another month before I can see him fo my followup visit.
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