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lab tests, concerned for myeloma, waldenstroms and mgus

I recently had some routine blood tests done. The Dr. did not seem concerned, but I noticed some abnormal results. I also have been having symptoms of: Bleeding gums, blurred vision, Dizziness, Fatigue, Headache
Schizophrenia symptoms, Nosebleeds, Numbness in feet, Weightloss (50+ lbs in 7 mos), Joint and bone pain, Muscle pain, Weakness, Type 2 diabetes mostly controlled, Anemia, and Leg and foot cramps. I do have a referral to a rheumatologist the first week of November for the joint and muscle pain. What should I ask about at the rheum. - I'm beginning to think these may not be signs of just arthritis. I'm 38 and female.

Tests were as follows:
Elevated AST/SGOT 38
Low Albumin: 3
Elevated Protein: 8.7
Low Creatinine: 0.19
Low BUN: 6
High Neut: 68.1
High MPV:  13.4
Low MCH:  26.9
elevated ESR: 55
No Rheum. Factor
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