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I have a m spike of 472 and had a normal polyclonal gamma region in 08 and o9 and 2010 and I have a hemotologist and she ran the test and had a elevated IGm protein and have severe osteoprosis can this mean a auto immune issue rather then possible multiple mylenoma
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I have MM. I don't know the technical numbers.  The definate diagnosis was made through a bone marrrow biopsy. My blood show very high protein levels which led to more specific tests on which proteins.  Do you have elevated blood calcium levels? (myeloma causes that in some people when the bone is eaten away). Or anemia?  I don't have too many bone symptoms myself a few spots that's it but severe anemia is common in MM (my hemoglobin is 8.9).

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I have a M protein of 472 and I have deep vein thrombosis with a anti thrombosis factor 3 and a clotting factor at 65 , my body is always cold and I take supplements and have massive bone loss with a t score of -2.9  I am waiting with either Mgus or smoldering mylenoma , I dont want to do a bone marrow test because it hurts. i am confused on my blood work and no one knowing what is next for me , except they dont want me on coumadin  and i dont know why .
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