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500 cal diet?

just started the diet with the 500 cals, B-12 shots and the appetite supressants yesterday. Today I feel HORRIBLE!!!! MY body is in ketosis and I'm tired, fatigued, nervous, nauseous, jittery, palpitations and hungry. I know it's somewhat normal but how long is this going to last?? Is there anything that will help me feel better b/c I feel so sick I just want to give up. Is there anyone who's had similiar effects???
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500 calories!  You can't live on that.  What weight are you starting at?  It is not healthy to eat less than 1200 calories a day.
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I agree with TrudiC...500 calories a day is suicidal!
If you are really wanting to lose weight the right way then i think you shud consider eating healthy and exercsing. Simply straving yourself is not the right thing to do and it could lead to seroius consequences....
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First, let me welcome you to MedHelp and thank you for taking the time to post your question.  I don't know that I can answer your entire question, however, there is some information I'd like to share with you.

There is an original diet by Dr. Simeons that focuses on 500 calories or less a day in combination with HCG injections.  There have been others who do a similar severely restrictive calorie diets with B-12.  Basically, these are starvation diets and not a healthy manner in which to lose weight.    

In no way would I ever recommend this program to anyone ... no way, no how.  Weight loss is attainable but there is not shot that is going to fix it for us.  If there were, everyone who have taken it and obesity would not be prevalent in our society.  

The American Journal of Clinical Nutrition came to this conclusion:  "We attempted to answer one question in this study --- is HCG an effective adjunct to a rigidly imposed dietary regimen for weight reduction?  On the basis of our results, the answer is negative."

Aetna (*******), one of many insurance carriers, has a Clinical Policy Bulletin regarding Weight Reduction Medications and Programs posted that excludes Human chorionic gonadotropin (HCG) or vitamin injections for weight loss because it is considered experimental and investigational for weight loss.

There is no magic pill or diet or plan to lose weight quickly and safely.  To be fit and healthy you have to eat healthy and exercise.  

Portion control, counting calories, journaling your food intake and implementing moderate exercise works; I am a testament to that.  So are the other members of the Weight Loss & Dieting community.

This topic may best be served in the Weight Loss Alternative Community.  Please let me know if you wish to have it moved there.  Should you elect to lose weight by eating healthy and exercising, we would certainly welcome your participation in the Weight Loss & DIeting Community.

Would absolutely love to have you join us in this community if you'd like information on how to lose weight in a healthful way.  Truly feel we can offer you friendship, support, motivation, information and encouragement.  Each of us has to make a personal choice regarding our decision.  

Best wishes ... to your health ...

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Starving yourself can lead to you gaining more weight once you resume a normal diet.  Your plan is unhealthy and will backfire.  Please get some medical advise!!!   Eating less then 1200 calories is not healthy.  An average person needs around 1600 calories a day for it's body to function....depending on height, weight, and activity level.
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I agree with everyone..your body will hold on to what everit can if you eat only 500 cal a day
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I understand that you are only repeating info you are familliar with.. but there is factual data collected proving the the HcG Protcol is effective and does help to fix the hypothalimus functioning, thus keeping off weight long term.

I agree that 500 calorie diet alone is very dangerous, but I also a advocate of the HcG Protcol. Let's face it, there is an argument for and against all the "diet" plans out there... With some understanding of the process that HcG (low dose injections) in conjunction with the specific eating plan, the body will release 2000 calories (from stored fat) back into your body for energy. You loose deposits of Abnormal Fat, no not muscle!

People say Low Fat is dangerous
Low Carb is dangerous
Eating meat is dangerous
Running with Scissiors is dangerous..

What makes us all fat?? Our lifestyles. Fast Food, Processed Foods.. chemicals in our food... we eat too much, we eat the wrong foods.. we eat when we're not hungry.

Let's all be supportive, Let's all be helpful.

So I hope that all the "healthful" means of loosing weight being discussed on this board are truely "healthy".. again, it's all subjective, right?

Can't we all simply post what we find on the internet in argument of the dangers of all the so called Healthy eating plans?
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One thing is for sure, what the OP is doing is NOT healthy.  If it was she would not be feeling the way she is...
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I don't think a diet with less than 1000 calories is healthy.  Maybe you should just try eating at least 5 or 6 times a day with small portions and remember to exercise, drink plenty of water and try and lose weight slowly.  If you lose it too fast, sometimes you gain it all back and then some.  Try eating in moderation; I hate to use the word "diet" cause it makes you feel like you are depriving yourself of something.  I am not too fond of taking injections either; that's just my opinion.  I don't know if they affect the heart, but remember, you only have one heart, and without that, you can hang your jacket on the hanger for good.  
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