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A New Weight Loss Journey!!

Well, I'm seeing quite a few questions lately, but I'm not really seeing a lot of goals or achievements, etc.  

I'm curious as to where everyone is, in their weight loss journey.  Are you losing, gaining, holding steady?????  This includes EVERYONE -- new members, as well as the "old timers".  

Do you have any specific goals that you are working toward?  Like losing 8 pounds by Thanksgiving?  Or 15 pounds by Christmas??  And if you have a specific goal, have you made plans to achieve it?  Eating less/better, exercising more, stressing less, etc??

For myself, I have pretty much been in "stand still" mode for a few months.  As a lot of you know, I've been battling thyroid issues for the past couple of years and was just getting my thyroid levels to a point where I'd begun to get off a pound or two, when it came to light that I now have a heart murmur, along with at least a couple of vitamin deficiencies, etc.  I had to change doctors to find out all of this, but I feel like I'm on my way back to being healthy again.  

It seems that I'm spending most of my time at the doctor's offices or the lab getting poked -- sometimes, I feel like a pin cushion, but it's all for my own good, as I'm seeing my new pcp tomorrow, following a couple sets of blood work and I'm hoping we can do something to finish getting me back on the road to good health.  

My exercise has been pretty sporadic due to the heart issues, which I'm hoping I'll find out more about tomorrow also.  I was put into a holter monitor last week and will get the results of that also tomorrow.  Never ending fatigue has also been a huge issue for me.  

Anyway, it's just a little more than 7 weeks until Thanksgiving and I have decided that I'm really going to make an effort to get off 7-10 pounds by then - that's a pound a week or a bit more.  With my extra slow "turtle" metabolism, that could be quite a task, but I think if I really work at it, I can do.  It will mean really watching what I eat and making sure that I concentrate on the fruits and veggies and all the other "good for me" things.  

I'm going to have to sit down and plan my meals for the week and make sure I have things on hand to take with me to work because I find it way too easy to slip into the nearest McD's or Kwik Trip for a quick "lunch on the go"......or like yesterday, I was riding with my co-worker because my work truck was in for repairs and HE was hungry for mexican --how many calories do you think THAT cost me??             lol

Once I find out about the heart issues, I will decide what to do about the exercise end of things, but would hope to be able to get back to my Wii Fit at least 3 times/week.  In addition, I will continue with the "mileage" that I put on daily, walking at work, plus dogs to walk when I get home, gardening, housework, etc --- yep, all that uses calories!!!  Since I've not been in the "exercise mode" for a while, except the walking I do at work and of course, the physical things I have to do to keep a house livable, I will start out very slowly and work up.  

Okay --- now you know everything you "never" wanted to know about my issues and a beginning toward reaching a goal.  How about you??  Anyone want to come along on this journey with me?  

I'd love to hear how much weight you would like to lose, if you have a plan to do it and if not, is there some way I (or others on the forum) can help and/or encourage?  With the support of the community, we can all reach our goals.........

Although I want to lose 7-10 pounds by Thanksgiving (I need to lose about 30 altogether), I'm going to set very small goals for myself:  the first one will be to lose 3 pounds by the end of this month.. Can I do it???  I think so, and so can YOU......

Come on, let's go for it....................................

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What a great post, Barb.

I've been rather quiet on MH lately, but I'm still around.

I'm in need of re-evaluation of my weight loss and fitness goals.  I've recently "turned a corner" in my medical treatment and am much improved!  While that is the best news ever for me,  now I instantly find myself too busy to exercise or eat optimally.  I need to find a better balance before I regain too much weight.

For review:  In 2008, I began to lose weight, and in Oct. '08 reached the -40 lb mark.  At the same time, my health was falling apart at the hands of an undiagnosed illnesses that was in the background for years, but "activated" in spring 2007.  After a year of doctors and confusion, I got my diagnosis in Dec. '08 and began treatment.  It was a necessary step for me to get worse before I got better, so I spent most of '09 feeling very sick and at a low level of functioning.  Then, around August, I started to come out of it, and have been making huge improvements since.

These experiences in the last couple of years have had a tremendous impact on my life, relationships, and goals.  As I work to resume my life, I know that taking care of my body plays an important role that I can't ignore.  I'm not ready to establish concrete goals just now, but I'm looking forward to a healthy and happy journey.
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Hey Barb! - What relentless attiude you havE!     With all the things going on with your life , you are showing so much persistance! You got to get a standing ovation!

If you are able to set goals and if you are able to chase your dreams there is no reason why others can't take your lead and join in!

I mean com'n guys arent you going to rise to the occasion and take this as the much needed inspiration? Or are you chicken legged to take on this challege?
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Barb, thanks for rejeuvenating the community!  Great post!

I had put on 5 lbs. dealing with my health issues and then because I knew I was going to go on a gluten free diet for at least a month (full time if it works) I went nuts beforehand eating all the wheat based products I could on top of an addiction to Kozy Shack tapioca pudding.  I'm now doing well on the gluten free, got my husband to stop bringing home red wine every night, and am back on track losing.  I'm down almost 2 lbs. this week.  My goal is to lose 10 lbs. by December 15.

I haven't started exercising yet but really need to.  Some time in the next week or so I will have an exercise room set up with an eliptical, WII and my exercise balls and hope that will accelerate my loss and help with my pain control.
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Hi Barb, It's been quite some time for me. Have been out of sight for awhile, have not felt well in months. Weight has creeped back on me, kind of giving up hope. Since I've been sick, I was too weak to excercise, plus I had a knee injury from a fall and having problems with my health insurance. So here I am,  limping on one leg, feeling fat as ever, but yet I can say that I will get back on the ball as soon I am given the go-ahead from the doc. It's so nice to see my old pals again. I feel guilty that I have not been in contact with you guys. Now we have Skylark calling us chicken legged, but that's okay. What's the new challenge? I've been gone awhile and need to get back in. Bum knee will not keep me down anymore. What's the worst that can happen? Maybe blow out my knee? Just can't take it anymore. Any suggestions? I'm feeling fat and ugly. I need a different kind of diet or something. Anyone? Please...
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Hi all, I'm still around and plodding on, I became very obsessive about weighing i was on the scales about 10 times a day and getting very depressed each time the scales went up, even though i had just eaten and knew they would rise.WHY do we do that? beat ourselfs up yet when the scales go down we dont praise ourselfs. Well now i have limited myself to weighing on wednesday and sunday and just in the morning, I am 18 months into my journy and i have now lost 147.6lbs, I plan on losing another 14lbs before christmas.

Barb Thanks for the post
Skailark I wish i had chicken legs instead of the tree trunks i have now
Trudie your doing a great job
bet 643 welcome back, be carefull with that knee, I never went on a diet, I eat the same foods i have always eaten just less of it and more fruit an veg and lots of exercise, If you cant do cardio exercise at the moment do things you can do on the floor, one thing i like to do when im watching tv is to get a couple of tins of beans and do arm curls 3x15 lifts
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This is great everyone - I'm so happy to see all of you still around.  It sounds like most of us have been a bunch of "sickies" for the past year, so I might make a suggestion that could help us all.  

Since some of us seem to have varying reasons for not being up to adequate exercise right now (I'm hoping to be able after I see my doctor today) -- why don't we "do what we do best" and start with the one step that EVERYONE needs, no matter what and that's eating right..............

wonko -- it's so good to see you back again, and I'm thrilled that you are getting your lyme disease (they didn't change the dx, did they?) under control.  I hope you will be able to get back into a pattern of good eating and maybe exercise again soon.  

Skailark -- appreciate your coming on board with us -- we need a "cheer leader" -- and I'm with Elaine -- I'd much rather have the chicken legs than these tree trunks I have!!  Hang with us --- we need all the egging on we can get!!

Trudie -- I know what you mean about that gluten free diet -- I had a couple of people suggest to me that I should try it --- I almost panicked at the thought of not being able to have my pasta any more --- yeah, I can live without bread, but don't take away my pasta!!     lol               I can also identify with the red wine -- I'm not a wine drinker but it IS nice to go home and relax with a nice cool drink sometimes.  Stay at it and don't deprive yourself ALL the time, or you will have an even harder time.  

bet643 --- don't give up the hope, please!!  I'm very sorry to hear about your injury, but maybe we can come up with some simple moves for you that won't injure the knee further.  Have you thought about yoga??  When all else fails for me, that's where I turn.  There's no need to feel guilty -- I think we've all been a bit lax here the past few months........I hadn't really thought of an actual "challenge", but if that's what everyone prefers, we can come up with something.  I am just determined to get back into the "mode" and was interested in seeing how many would like to join me on the journey -- the more the merrier.........  And yes, Skailark calling us "chicken legs" WAS kind of "out there" wasn't it??  Sure sounds like a challenge to me............lol

Elaine -- I haven't heard from you in a while, but you've done great with YOUR weight loss journey.  I can't imagine what you've done to be able to lose 147.6 pounds -- I've been lucky to budge one or two..........  I know what you mean about the scale too -- have a tendency to want to step on more often than I should and like you, I'm devastated when it goes up even a fraction of a pound.  I have cut myself back as well, although I DO weigh every morning -- but ONLY in the morning and only ONCE!!  We all know that our weight fluctuates throughout the day depending on fluid retention, undigested food, etc, but still when that scale goes up -- it's almost like I lost the whole battle, even though common sense tells me I'm being silly about it.  14 pounds by Christmas -- wow, that's an admirable goal -- I'm behind you all the way.  

Well, it sounds like we've all got our "things" to watch out for -- but I think we can all do what we need to and it will be so much easier if we can do it as a community.  Thanks to everyone who responded to this post and if you'd like a challenge, let's hear what you'd like to do, or we can take a nice easy stroll through the weight loss journey, helping each other along the way -- you guys decide.........I'm pretty much game for anything.......
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Barb, on gluten free you can still have pasta.  The rice based pastas taste just as good.  My family doesn't know the difference.  My only challenges are ensuring I have gluten free bread at home and eating out.

Elaine, you are so amazing.  The willpower and determination you have is so admirable.  Pass some along!  I weigh every day - first thing in the morning in my birthday suit so I know that I am getting a fair comparison each day.  Congrats!
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Do you think the gluten free is helping with your weight loss?  I've heard some people say that's why they started it in the first place.  

Eating out would not be a problem for me because whenever possible, my choices are steak, with baked potato and a salad -- no gluten there, but can amount to a lot of calories if I'm not careful-- especially the baked potato because obviously it's much better with butter and sour cream on it!!!     lol

I have to get back some more blood work before I can make a decision on that -- we are doing a test for micronutrients and my pcp doesn't want me to make major changes until we get those results back and figure out where I'm at.  

Oh -- just looked a the clock and I see I need to get going -- my doctor appt is in 45 min.......... Hoping everyone has a great day........
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I am loosing...slowly but surely! I started at 175 and now down to 170. I loose motivation alot but as you all say everyday is a new day. Thank you all for the support. It really helps. Im still along way from my goal but I know I will get there.
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Hi there -- it's nice to have you join us.  Can you tell us what your goals are and if you have made plans to achieve them?  If there's a way we can help, just ask.
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Now i see the troops rallying..but do you have the courage to set your goals in numbers?

I am waiting to see your wits!
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I already did -- oh, wait a minute, I've got to scroll back up and look ------  my first first goal is 3 lbs by the end of this month!!  Can I do it???  Well, hmmm, let me think ----- YEP, I think I can, I think I can, I KNOW I CAN............Oh, in case no one caught that, I guess I'm the "little train that could"--------------------lol

Skailark -- you really can't call me chicken legs and expect me to NOT take up the challenge can you???          lol

Come on everybody, hop on the band wagon with me!!  Please, please --- oh I hate to be all alone......................let's have some fun with this............
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