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Abdominal Weight Gain

I'm 15 years old. I have never been "overweight" in my life until around the ages of 12-14, when I struggled with disordered eating and my weight would constantly fluctuate. After that period, I recovered but gradually gained a lot of weight. I have weighed about 150-148 pounds for about a year now and I am 5'6", which isn't fat but I'm definitely above average.
However, around August I noticed my abdomen beginning to accumulate more fat. This was quite odd for me because my waist/stomach is generally thinner than my legs as a have a more hourglass-like figure. I was maintaining a healthy diet as usual and working out often for volleyball tryouts.
I didn't make the volleyball team this year, but when school started, I began getting headaches and nausea everyday, especially after I ate. I would have mini panic attacks in classes from time to time and I could see and feel a pulse in my stomach (I don't know why??). Additionally my stomach had bigger love handles and belly fat, and always bloated and hard and it still is.
Initially I thought the nausea, headaches, etc. were anxiety related. But I had had a pregnancy scare a month before that proved negative and I had been getting my period regularly. Just in case, I took another and it showed positive, but then I got professional testing and I once again said negative. (I thought it'd be helpful to include this, just for background purposes haha). So pregnancy was ruled out.
Now, the anxiety attacks and headaches are gone for the most part, however I still experience nausea 2-4 times a week. To begin I was quite stressed, but now, two months later into school, it has settled down. I still have the stomach fat though and it won't go away :( I've even lost a lot weight in my legs and people have noticed (and this is typically where I lose weight last), but my stomach will not budge. Does anyone have advice? I apologize about the length of this question, but I felt as though sharing a bit of history might help.
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I have the same body type/figure, and never experienced it. While suffering from some mental and emotional stress, I actually lost weight all over my body, except my thighs which remained sort of the same, while my arms and abdominal section grew too skinny and I got a lot of negative comments from my family, saying it made me look to skeletal. Did you try consulting a doctor about it?
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