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Acaii Berry and Colon Cleanse Supplements

can anyone tell me if you have heard of this new combo that is supposedly supposed to help you lose weight fast and has it worked for anyone? it is all over the web but I am very skeptical of it because there are all these stories out there but they are all the same just different names? they say to take the Accai Berry supplement in the morning and at night and then the Colon Cleanse supplement at night? they say they are shedding like 30 pounds in a month to a month and a half. Anyone? thanks!
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Hi Riley,

I have never heard of it. I have heard of other cleansers like Nopalina, which was also all over the web once and it was famous back in 2007 right here in this very community, which I used to post on very frequently, you could look at the archives for more info, if you'd like, as a lot of people found great benefit using it and dropped up to 10 lbs with it.

Nopalina is a product which contains Linaza. I did take it and it did help me lose WATER weight. It has so many benefits as it cleans you an keeps you frequent, and your skin texture does improve a lot; but as far as weight (actual fat), the only thing that’s helped me is running (not even lifting), and watching what I eat. :)

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I feel the same way you do and have the same question to pose. How effective is the ACAI combo COLON CLEANSE? Evidently the web article recently is based on testimonial from local Edmonton woman. Maybe we should see if we can contact her directly for results? I notice that you can't place the order for the FREE TRIAL without providing credit card number. That doesn't seem FREE to me. They likely charge later as it is shipped for the UK. The site indicates we will be charged after the 30 day free trial run GBP 69. What is that exactly?  And...with all the health food stores we have here we should be able to obtain the same COMBO locally no?
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Do not give your credit card number to these people!  If you would like to try Acai berry, you can get it at your pharmacy for around 8.99 or your local health food store. However, do not depend on it for weight loss.  It does have antioxidents and I found it to give me a little pep, but that is all. The colon clense, well lets just say it's another word for laxative. It's okay to cleanse your colon once in awhile, but doing it everyday, I would check with your doctor. My doctor was not too happy about the idea when I told him that I tried it. There is no quick fix out there....never thought I would be here talking about weight loss, but here I am, and I have tried many things. Ali is another one. Has a diary to keep track of the food you eat, but if you eat any fatty food, you will have some horrible gastrointestinal problems, in other words, stay close to the toilet.  Ali did not work for me . Hope you find what you're looking for. Good luck.
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****!  I just ordered both of them!!!  
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Ok- got the supplements.  Here are the ingredients for the Acai berry-
green tea extract-225mg
EGCG-135 mg
Acai berry extract-50mg

So it's got more caffeine than actual berry extract.  I'm not taking it anymore.  I tried it for a few days and I was so buzzzed I couldn't concentrate.  Then I finally thought to look at the ingredients.  When I stopped taking them I had the worst headache for 3 days.  I haven't tried the cleanse yet, but I'll let you know when I do!!  

Hope this helps anyone looking to buy these things!!!
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I agree completely with bet643.  AND if you would happen to be lucky enough to lose weight while taking these products, chances are, you will gain it all back as soon as you stop.  In addition, all that caffeine can be bad for you, especially if you have any heart issues (either known or unknown).....

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