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Alli and diet foods.

Ok, so I have been thinking about getting a gym membership and going on a diet. I have been doing research and I really like the Alli pills because they seem to work based on the forums and things I have read. Now, has anyone else read them?? Another thing, I would love to start dieting and thing but my boyfriend doesnt want to start eating healthy, he loves McDonalds and places like that. I would like to start cooking more, but money is tight. How can I cook healthy meals that he will like? I usually try to make a vegetable with every meal, I make alot of shake and bake chicken (boneless skinless). I just need some tips. What are everyday foods that are actually naturally low in fat and good for you?? Does anyone have a good website or any tips??
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Alli is good and it does work; I'm actually considering going back on it myself, but you can't do much McDonalds, while on it or you will have serious, unpleasant side effects........

Alli blocks fat from being absorbed by your body; therefore, you must keep your fat intake to a minimum or you will have the side effects, which consist of  uncontrollable runny, oily stools.  Obviously, no one wants that....... I'd have to go back and read, but seems that fat intake must be kept to < 12 grams/meal......... I don't think McD's puts out a meal with < 12 grams of fat....... however, you can opt for a side salad, with lite dressing, a fruit and yogurt parfait, etc.  I understand how hard it is to watch someone, who doesn't have a weight issue, chomp into a large angus beef burger, with a side of fries... while you sit there with a side salad and fruit........ might work for one time, then you will begin feeling deprived and end up going for the biggest, best burger you can find.  Been there, done that, so I know you have to be really committed to take that on.

Is it safe to assume that your boyfriend doesn't have a weight issue?  If he doesn't, you're probably going to have to go it alone (my hubby doesn't have a weight issue, so doesn't understand when *I* don't want McD's).......  If your boyfriend *does* have a weight issue, you might try pointing out health benefits of eating properly or what can happen to overweight people; the right research can turn up some pretty gruesome info.  

As for cooking -- that depends on what your boyfriend will eat.  I would think you could buy fresh/frozen food and cook for less than McDonald's would cost.  Fresh and frozen foods are the best, but if you opt for low sodium, and check labels you can get some good deals on canned foods as well.  I'm not sure shake and bake is the best option for chicken (I know it has a lot of sodium and carbs); maybe if we knew your likes and dislikes, we could help come up with options.........
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Yea I read on the side effects of alli, and I decided that maybe it will give me the encouragement to eat good! (hopefully) The problem is I LOVE FOOD and I love to eat, especially when Im bored, or sad and depressed.

I am not a picky eater whatsoever I love every vegetable except snow peas and chick peas, and hominy. I dont even know if that is classified as a vegetable but its gross lol. We eat alot of steak and the pasta sides. I make a homemade macaroni and cheese, it consists of penne pasta with sharp cheddar cheese, milk, and italian bread crumbs. I like making green beans with brown sugar in them, my boyfriend loves that. We like fish and shrimp. My boyfriend likes goat meat, which isnt bad if cooked right, but Im not the biggest fan.

My friend went on a diet of just eating lean cuisines and soup, but I dont think I would be able to do that. I dont necessarily want to go on a diet, I want a lifestyle change. I am hoping to be able to make good healthy meals that my boyfriend and his son will enjoy just as much as fried greasy food.

OH and my boyfriend doesnt have a weight issue, he drinks alot of beer and is getting a little pot belly :) but the thing is, he is diagnosed with ADHD and take medicin that curbs his appetite, so when the meds wear off he eats like a cave man. Same with his son, he is really skinny because his ADHD medicine curbs his app. I try to tell them that just because they are not hungry doesnt mean that their body doesnt need fuel.

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Oh, you're my kind of person....... you are right, that just because they don't have an appetite doesn't mean they don't need food - I have this issue with my hubby, who doesn't take med for ADHD....

Sounds like you have some good ideas for meals........  Nothing better than a good mac and cheese (comfort food).  How about switching to whole grain pasta rather than regular?  Yep, it's lots better for you.  Then take it a step further and go for no/low fat cheese.  Not sure how to reduce the calories in the Italian bread crumbs, but if can do everything else no/low fat, maybe that won't be an issue.

Nothing better than a good steak dinner; how about opting for leaner cuts (think sirloin) or trim the fat; add a LARGE salad with lettuce, tomato, cukes, bell peppers, etc - let boyfriend and son have whatever dressing they want, and you opt for a low fat dressing (there are some really awesome ones available), then add a baked potato rather than a pasta side...... or go for a whole grain pasta with diced tomatoes and spices of choice.  

If you don't mention it, you might be able to slip in low fat, whole grain foods that will taste just as good (or better) without their noticing......... I do not advocate lying about it.... if they ask, you must tell them the ingredients, but if they don't ask, don't offer......... this has worked with my hubby more than once in our almost 44 yrs together.  

Hoping you will stay with us - there are lots of people who can give ideas.........
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Yes I have done that do, switched out pasta with whole grain pasta and my husband never even noticed, and he didn't ask either, and when we went grocery shopping and i put the whole grain pasta in he made a huge fit about how its so gross and he will refuse to eat the digusting dinner i plan on making it with lol. Thats when i delivered the news and he was like what? And I have been making healthier meals and he's been eating them and he doesn't even realize that its actually healthy and good for him, all he cares about is that its delicious.
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Aren't we the "crafty creatures"??   LOL

My hubby doesn't even realize that he's eating whole grain macaroni or spaghetti....  he also doesn't usually realize when I slip in "low/no fat", unless he's watching me cook.  
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