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Any ideas how to better enjoy drinking water for those who dislike it plain, yet want to consume a lot ?

I just cannot find anything that I really enjoy in the flavoring dept. and, thus, don't drink nearly as much as I should and gravitate to the sweeter, more tasty liquids which really is not beneficial to wt. loss or my history of kidney stones.

Sometimes really cold with fresh lemon slices .. that is the closest I've come to an answer.

So, how do you drink your water plain or flavored and what kind or ideas?
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I can't stand plain ole water! I take a few drinks and that's it! I buy propel grape flavored water....i drink 2 of them a day....that's 16.9 fluid oz. x 2......25 cal. in a bottle.

I like sugar free crystal light,also.....they have all flavors,i enjoy the iced tea.

I also buy boxes of single servings of Easy to use on the go....one does a 16.9 fl.oz of bottled water..............they have Cranberry apple,cherry limeade,grape,orange,lemonade,and apple....these are the ones i buy,all sugar free!

I rarely drink diet drinks...coke or dr.pepper! I prefer my flavored water!!

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i agree...i drink crystal light because there's only 5 calories per serving and it tastes so much better! i especially love the iced tea but there are so many different flavors to choose from! also if you need something sweeter that's okay too just drink diet and in smaller quantities...don't try to deprive yourself of the things that you enjoy...just use them in moderation...
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I add lemon juice with stevia to sweeten. My friend adds a tea bag to her water.
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Crystal light has a dangerous sweetener in it. You might want to look into the research about health risks that specific sweetener actually adds. I used to drink SO MUCH crystal light but after I looked into it, I decided to do things like you (adding lemon), rewarding myself for drinking a certain amount, etc.
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Wylers Cool Raspberry .. using 1/2 the single packet in 20oz water bottle.  Seems pretty good .. full packet is too sweet. Seems to be working in the taste dept!

--->  Aspartamine is the artificial sweetner in it.

The other idea of tea in the water is good, but cause of my kidney stones I need to watch the teas and oxalates .. they make an oxalate free tea I think someplace but wonder how it tastes LOL ...  at this point maybe the Wyler's will work for now.

$1.00/container of single serves at Walgreens!
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I like buying the waters that are flavored and use SPLENDA, splenda isn't as dangerous as the aspartamine, and aspartmine spikes up insulin levels in the blood, and causes cancer in lab rats.

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I hate drinking plain water and I always put in Orange squash - (not something you have the same in the US I know) but if like today I am drinking water -  I found that swigging it from the bottle rather than drinking from a glass is much easier, I can drink more that way -  despite the un ladylike appearance.
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Great suggestions and some I will try as well!  I've used the Propel and the Crystal Light and am now going to read the label.  Also like tea and ... with icing it down ... I like water now.  Mind you, I didn't used to, but after your body gets used to it for a while, it will crave it and actually call for it.  It was a unique experience when that started happening.  

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I like to drink out of some sort of bottle as well. I guess I like to keep track and its easier for me to forget about glasses.
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I meant to say that ^ to whatawoman.
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i personally love Osarka flavoured waters!! The lime one is my favorite! no calories or sugar a lil bit sodium but only 100mg not too bad and it taste great!!
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How amazing it is to have such a fine group of people sharing their knowledge!  Thank YOU!!!!  

I have a few new things to try .. like Stevia, Osarka and Wylers.  Going to read up on the ingredients on Crystal Light as well.  

Anyone else going to try something new?
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I grew up with a Mother who was very against drinking out of a bottle - always telling me how many people have handled the bottle before I put it in my mouth and how unlady like it was -  so I think part of the appeal is a little rebellion lol -  plus I can drink a lot by drinking from a bottle -  I use a 1.5litre water bottle and that hold 6 glasses -  I can drink it in a few hours by keep having a swig or two-  yet 6 glasses would take me all day and I would feel like I was drowning in water!
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Well...I usually like my water plain. I keep saying to my friends that palin water is my favorite drink! I usally buy 2 litre bottles in packs and no matter what I make sure that bottle is empty at the end of the day before i go to bed..I think i am addicted to water.lol :)
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I buy the single packets of crystal light and add it to my water when I need some flavor, the crystal light green tea is really good and boosts your energy and the crystal light immunity is also really good and helps boost your immune system.
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I also saw at the grocery store that they sell natural flavoring for water, like lemon, lime and orange in single serving packets, I haven't tried them personally but if it's natural  flavoring, it wouldn't hurt to try it.
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