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Anyone doing the hCG diet?

So I was lucky enough to find a source for hCG injection kits, and will be starting in a few days. I live in Canada and we are not allowed to have anything good here, and a doctor won't give me an RX for it. I have done so much research on this diet and know the pros and cons... not finding any cons with it personally...

My only concern with this whole thing is taking the injections and having to eat a huge amount for the first tow days. I am already eating a very strict diet, as I always have, and it sickens me to eat like a pig. I don't know if I can actually do it!!! Eating 500 calories a day for me is a piece of cake, but gorging myself is unfathomable.

Do I really have to pig out?

Oh and to anyone that dos not agree with this diet, I am sorry. I am exceptionally fit, eat right and take darned good care of myself. I have PCOS and I am unable to lose weight the regular way. Calories in and energy exerted do not work for me. I am by all means not obese, but have 30 pounds to lose, that I cannot budge. I have a dog training/walking business, and hike AT LEAST 15km a day (on steep and difficult terrain). I also do a hard construction job on days I am not working with dogs. I eat a well balanced diet with no processed foods, sugars or bad fats. I should not have any weight issues what so ever!!!!

I feel I deserve to do it this way, since nothing else has worked. I deserve to look as fit as I really am, and would prob do much better without the extra weight I am carrying.

Kudos to all of those that have done this diet and I look forward to reading your posts. I have no choice but to do this now, and it seems pretty darned easy to me. It is just get past the gorging part for me. I can't wait until my period is over and I can start.

Anyone else doing this?
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WOW!!! Nobody???
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Sorry This is not something i would be able to do, it contains needles and I just dont do them seen as i am needle phobic, lol,
The answer to your question do you have to pig out. The answer to me would be you shouldnt have to do anything you dont want to, Having said that, maybe this diet wont work if you dont follow the instructions, I just dont know,
sorry i cant be more help.
Good luck on your Journey
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On this forum, we don't advocate the use of this kind of diet because we don't believe it's good for your body.  In fact, you might want to read a recent post by someone who DID go on this diet.  The link is below.


We advocate weight loss using a sensible diet and moderate exercise.  If you are eating the proper foods and getting the right exercise and still can't lose weight, I'd suggest that you talk with your doctor about getting tested for medical issues that might cause weight gain or inability to lose, such as hypothyroidism, PCOS, insulin resistance, etc.

Sorry -- I just reread your post, in which you say you have PCOS -- in that case, please read the following by someone else who has PCOS


I, personally, have hypothyroidism and have a terrible time losing weight, but I keep trying.  I might recommend that you try out the food diary, in which you keep track of everything you eat and drink -- this will tell you if you are staying within your calorie range, whether or not you are getting too much of the wrong kinds of fat.  It will help you see at a glance where you might need to cut back or modify your diet.  

There are ways to get past issues like PCOS and hypothyroidism and if you care to let us help you, we will be happy to.

If you really insist on using the HCG diet, you might want to ask your questions on the Weight Loss Alternatives Forum......

Good luck
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I did the diet i left from 240 to 215 and have never been SICK or felt sick. I also have PCOS and I am still waitng to see if it improves my PCOS.........Feel free to ask me any questions
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