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Are You Moving Today?

Each new day provides us with the opportunity to move, dance, jump, walk, bend, stretch, run or swim.  What are you doing today?  What is your favorite exercise?  How do you stay motivated and give yourself the gift of renewed health?  

If you're finding it difficult to do some form of exercise 3-5 days a week ... then let's try and identify the reasons so we can all move forward together.  The other members of the group can give some suggestions as to how to overcome them.

By the way ... how about we start logging our exercise into our weight trackers and journal entries so we can hold ourselves accountable.  After recuperating from my panniculectomy, 3 seromas and a minor surgery to repair an adhesion ... I've been out of the exercise for a while.  It's top on my list to get going now.

Here's a few quotes to get you started ...

The difference between try and triumph is a little umph.  ~Author Unknown

All the so-called "secrets of success" will not work unless you do.  ~Author Unknown

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What if the dx u have makes it diff to move jump ect?
I have chiari malformation,hashimotos thyroiditis, crevical spinal sitinosis, fibro.......and I have put on too much weight! I have been trying for years to find something I can do. Prior to being dx I belonged to a swing dance group...lost weight and felt great.I was dx w/ taarsel tunnel and it required surgery....I put weight on and could not dance.
May '07 i fell, sprained my left ankle, and tore the myniscus(sp?) in my right knee. More surgery...then dx with chiari, hashimotos ect......and here I sit waiting for a miracel.
I loose my balance......I get xtreme headaches.....


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for a responce...do u know where I can get the answers?
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im sorry no one has got back to you on your questions, ill try and do some research for you it may take a day or two but ill try and get you some answers so please be patient with me. we havent forgot about you. ill get back to you asap
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I am also sorry that I wasn't able to respond sooner.  Many of the diagnoses you speak of are beyond my knowledge base.  That said, it does seem you have some specific physical limitations due to varying medical conditions.

Chiari malformation can affect your balance, cause muscle weakness and headaches.  As for the Hashimoto's Thyroiditis, it can cause weight gain, fatigue, muscle weakness and muscle cramps.  Are you taking medication for this?  

The next item you mention is cervical spinal stenosis?  This narrowing of the spinal column truly requires a doctor to determine what exercises you can perform.  The other conditions only complicate the level of activity you can perform.

If you will find out what exercises your doctor will release you to do, we'll be happy to help you find the instructions and support you in your effort to accomplish them.  You may want to ask your physician about swimming since it is low impact and allows you to move easier.  

Outside of that, you can still watch what you eat and lower your calories to lose weight.  Will be happy to help you in that endeavor as the more weight you can get off, the better it will be for your medical conditions.

Please talk to your doctor and then check back with us; we're here to support you.


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I appreciate any help u can offer. Unfortunatly I can not find a NS that is knowledgeable in all the areas. So I do not have one that is treating me....I saw my PC today and he wanted to put me on meds for weight loss. I am not on any meds for hashimotos...had 6 month US Friday- no results yet.I NEED to do something...I just don't know what.

Thanks again for any thing u can suggest,
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Let's start with you sending me height, weight, age, sex and activity level.  We'll figure out the calories needed to maintain your weight and then go from there to figure out a food plan that will work for you.

Can you get to a swimming pool?  Would highly suggest you try that for exercise to begin with.  Can you walk?  If so, for how long?  Be creative and find some sort of exercise you can do within your limitations.  I said consult a doctor because we don't want you to hurt yourself/cause injury.  

Not going to leave you hanging ... will help you through this.  You keep up your will and put in the effort ... and we'll keep working to find a plan that bring about your desired results.  

Gentle (((Hugs)))
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