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I reside in the Atlanta GA area, and I have read a lot of forums pertaining to b12 injections, and phentermine for weight lost.  From my understanding they're not something you can get your regular doctor to prescribe.  In the past year I've had a baby gain 75pds, and I have not been able to lose it since.  I am looking for a Dr. in the Atlanta area that I can get a prescription from.  Please help?
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Diet pills, injections, "quick fixes"...none of these really work, and some are downright dangerous.

You have to really, really work at weight loss.  It takes dedication, education about proper nutrition, support, exercise, and a plan that you can live with for life.

Or, just take some pills that may work for a few weeks or months, and then regain it all plus some.  

You choose.  
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in march of 06 i began taking phentermine and getting b12 shots by june i had lost 30pounds and continued to lose even once I stopped taking them. I kept it off for about a year in a half but have gained it back and started back this week. I go to a doctor every 14dys to get pills and the b12 shot. I'm in chicago but you can try your primary care doctor or try looking for a doctor that specializes in weight loss. the Dr. that I see is a cardiologists but does the weight management also. My sister got them from her regular doc. Hope this helps
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The injections of B12 seem kind of of inconvenient.  Why not a sublingual form of b12 which dissolves in the mouth.  I have heard that they are great for energy, but have not heard about in relation to weight loss.
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I know you are fed up with being fat arent we all but who knows what these chemical's are they keep pumping into fat people most of these cheap diet fad pill's are bottles of ****, it seems to me that we are the new lab rats. FAT RIGHTS you carnt disscriminate anyone else how come you can still openly pick on a fat person. AND make gyms for fat people we would be more enclined to go with out skinny git's laughing at our fatnuss on the treadmeals LOVE YOURSELF...
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