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BP's Up

I had a physical yesterday and I'd seen it coming.  My weight has been up and I have not been dieting successfully.  My BP is up.  Doc's given me 3 months to bring it down or he'll put me on medication.  No, I'm not interested in medication and I want to lose anyhow.  Now I have new impetus.  I have to get my exercise habits more regular, watch my diet closer, avoid alcohol, cut out salt.  I just found MedHelp and like it...almost better than Facebook!
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Hi and Welcome,

I personally have not had serious BP issues, but I was pre-hypertensive prior to lifestyle changes (BP was around 125-135/85-95).

By cutting most processed foods, starting to exercise, and quitting smoking/alcohol over a year ago, my BP came down within months to 115/75.  Lately, it's even lower, often ~105/65, and my resting heart rate is usually < 70.

So it can be done without medication and with lifestyle changes.  Sounds like you're under watch from a good doctor who will give you meds as needed, but I don't blame you for wanting to try and fix what you can the "old fashioned way."  

Good luck and keep us posted!

PS- there is a BP tracker on MH you can use to track your values, if you haven't already found this.
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Welcome.  I've had BP issues and been on med for years.  Like wonko, I quit smoking a couple years ago and within a few months, my bp med was cut in 1/2.  Now it's often only around 105/65 or there about.  My heart rate generally runs in the 60's and often below but that's not a good indicator because I am also hypothyroid, which tends to slow the heart rate down too much.  

This is a great community and everyone is very supportive, so throw your questions/thoughts, etc out here and there will be all kinds of ideas coming your way.  

Exercise and eating right are the # 1 ways to lose weight.  One thing we all have to remember is to do it slowly - you most likely didn't gain all the weight at one time, so don't expect to lose it all at one time.  A loss of 1-2 pounds/week is reasonable.  

In addition, I would ask if you've had blood work to test your thyroid, insulin levels, etc to make sure you don't have an underlying medical problem that may make losing weight even harder.  That's what happened to me.  I worked my tail off for months, with no loss at all, only to find out that I am hypothyroid which was the cause of the gain in the first place (and yes, *I* did put it all on almost at once - 30 pounds in about 4 months...... ugh....).

Anyway, good luck and stick around.  We'll help all we can and hope to see you as a regular participant.  

PS - don't forget to start the exercise and weight trackers, along with the food diary to keep track of what and how much you are eating, along with nutrients, etc.  
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Hi and thanks for the support.  Yup, I've started multiple trackers.  That was how I found this site.  I was looking for a place to track my BP online and found MedHelp's trackers.  I've only got a few minor complaints and am using the food tracker even though I don't like it.  It's too approximate.  I like to weigh and measure in grams and I can't do that here.  

I'm a seasoned dieter with multiple food allergies.  I've been post-meno since 46 y/o and yes, my Primary Care docs have kept good tabs on my labs.  Everything is a little too good IMHO.  My cholesterol ratio was, like, 1.8 and is now up to 2.3 or something.  I'm not that good.

I was a recreational runner and have about 208 races under my belt, but I hurt my knee a few years ago and never got back.  I don't like to run when my weight is so high but I am, a few miles a day anyhow, and walking a bunch too.  I do tend to lose quickly even though I eat 3 square meals a day.  I have to eat mostly whole foods, hate beef, live for seafood and am addicted to artificial crab meat.  I also eat a lot of nuts, 1 oz. at a time each for breakfast, lunch, & dinner.  Can't have dairy nor yeast breads- this is not a bad thing!  I use tortillas for sandwiches and buns and wraps.  

My BP used to be 110/70, invariably, and prior to that when I was real thin in my younger days, it barely got over 100/60.  A few times I had to go to the hospital for dehydration and they weren't sure how I was walking upright & dumped me an IV.  I knew it would go up eventually and have been watching.  My weight is just no good, my knees are not happy with it and I know that losing the weight will help them significantly.

Thanks for listening!
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