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Best Diet Suppressant Pills

Which diet pill is the best / most effective?  I have tried Relacore, loved it..but had to take too many in a day...i'm not on Dinintel...and not seeing any progress, since the 3days.
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We try to lose weight using sound weight loss principals - proper diet and moderate exercise.  Usually when weight is lost using diet pills and other diet aids, it is usually gained back as soon as the pills are stopped.

You might try posting your question on Weight Loss Alternatives.  
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I agree with Barb, diet pills only work in the short term and since you know you won't be taking these pills every day for the rest of your life, it's best to try and manage your weight in other ways. Not to mention these pills can sometimes be dangerous and cause irreversable damage. This forum focuses more on natural methods of weight loss based on healthy lifestyle changes.

Please reconsider the diet pills. You CAN do it on your own!
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Diet pills are no good for long term weight loss, they're just a quick fix.  Sure they may make you lose some weight initially but it's much better (and cheaper!) for you to have a sensible diet and exercise programme.
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Well first off, being a diet pill for three days, nothing is going to happen. I was on TrimSpa for 10 months and lost 100 pounds. I didn't lose anything for the first 3 weeks. Its something you have to stick with. I weighed 250 before taking TrimSpa, then when I stopped taking it I was down to 150. I am now 130. I lost the 20 pounds myself.Im not sure if you can still buy TrimSpa in stores, I doubt it considering there was some big deal with Anna Nicole dying, I think they took it off the market, but try and see if you can buy it online, it may cost more than a store, but I definitely think its worth the money and if I had to lose weight all over again, I'd go straight to using TrimSpa.
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FYI - Federal Trade Commission fine for false claims

On January 4, 2007 the U.S. Federal Trade Commission announced that the marketers of TrimSpa had agreed to pay a settlement of $1.5 million in response to an FTC complaint of making unsupported claims in advertisements, and were also prohibited "from making any claims about the health benefits, performance, efficacy, safety, or side effects of TrimSpa, Hoodia gordonii, or any dietary supplement, food, drug, or health-related service or program, unless the claims are true, not misleading, and substantiated by competent and reliable scientific evidence." The FTC also announced similar settlements with the marketers of Xenadrine EFX, CortiSlim, and One-A-Day WeightSmart.


TrimSpa is a dietary supplement designed for weight loss, marketed by the company Goen Technologies, headed by Alexander Szynalski, a.k.a. Alex Goen.[1] Celebrity Anna Nicole Smith was its spokesperson. Various products marketed by TrimSpa are claimed to help "stave off hunger".[2] TrimSpa formerly contained ephedra until that ingredient was banned in the U.S.. The new TrimSpa formula X32 contains no ephedra. Its active ingredient is Hoodia gordonii, along with the stimulants caffeine and theobromine. TrimSpa's parent company, Goen Technologies, filed for bankruptcy protection in May of 2008. Goen Technologies owed unsecured creditors debts up to $33 million, and had only $1.23 million in assets. In September of 2008 it was decided by a judge to turn the case into Chapter 7 liquidation. TrimSpa had a peak existence of $141 million sales, $17 million operating profits, and was spending $10 million in advertising alone. It was decided that in October 2008 all of the remains of the business would go up for auction. Thousands of TrimSpa bottles, two custom motorcycles, two custom vans with Anna Nicole Smith painted, an Indy-style race car, and various office equipment. The Star Ledger
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