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I hate it! Anyone know how to get rid of it without any procedures?  

I have recently been trying "Good-bye Cellulite" by nivea. I saw on Oprah (I know, I know, I have a talk show problem)
they had some people try it and its supposed to work within 4 weeks. They had excellent results. It didnt disappear but it decreased. Ive been using it (along with "my silhouette" also my nivea) and my legs look more toned but I have some big bumps that still wont go away.

Any ideas on what I can do, or home remedies?
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Many people believe that coffee grounds will do the trick. Caffeine and coffee are often listed in many name brand cellulite products. Brew a pot of coffee, and take the left over grounds and rub them on the cellulite while they are fresh and warm. Wrap the area and coffee grounds in plastic wrap. Once that is done, prepare an area with newspaper to massage the coffee grounds into the cellulite. After you have done that for a few minutes, wrap in plastic wrap and leave in place for about 30 minutes. The massage will increase the blood flow to the area to help tone skin. After the coffee grounds have been in place for roughly 30 minutes, scrap off the grounds and take a shower to remove any oil or grounds that remain. Repeat the process a few times each week.

Although this is not a cure all, many have found results. It may be worth a try :-)
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huh! Cool, Ill make some coffee now!
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Let me know if it works :-) I have never tried it!
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Well, I dont know how much it works. I didnt leave it on too long.

#1 the coffee grinds go everywhere regardless of how much newspaper you use and surran wrap.

#2 the surran wrap didnt stay on.

Conclusion: Perhaps doing it IN THE BATH TUB would be best. haha
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It's the caffeine in the coffee that helps.  I take a bath with about 5 tea bags thrown in (not decaf) a couple times a week. This is good for all your skin.  When I wash up I use a good salt or sugar scrub to get the area nice and soft and the blood flowing.  When I put lotion on my legs I make sure I massage the areas very well in a deep motion towards the heart.  If you have a significant other who will do it for you ask them to use their forearms to massage the area, always towards the heart.  All these solutions are only temporary.  You have to keep it up to keep any results.  Best done right before you go out.  I have also used those waist shapers on my legs upper legs with good results, again only temporary.
Since cellulite won't go away I just call them dimples.  It sounds much cuter & I remind myself that even Nichole Kidman has it.
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Awesome! Ill have to try the tea, it'll be much cleaner. lol I like dimples better too. Mine are big ones!
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What type of tea? Well I am afriad that if I do that my hubby will want to eat me!! Okay, hes from the south and so he drinks sweet tea like its going out of style! lol
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I have used every kind of tea. Regular old store brand black tea works good.  You can even use strong brewed coffee, but it's a lot more work & messier to clean out of the tub.  You can even make a tea or coffee compress to leave on the area for 10+ minutes.  It's the caffeine that counts. It temporarily tightens the blood vessels.  When I'm feeling in a real pampering mood I use Green Tea. I figure the antioxidants are good and it makes all my skin feel good. (If you have dark hair you can rinse it with dark tea or coffee to shine up your hair. Light hair can use chamomile tea.) Remember this is not a cure all.  It tightens the skin temporarily, but does not make the cellulite go away.  The massage aspect works the best & drink plenty of non-caffeinated liquids to stay hydrated.
I have taken a lot of home remedy, herbal & aromatherapy units for my massage therapy training so I have tried a lot of different things.  The tea bath is one of my personal faves.
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Does the tea smell stay on you? It just sounds really relaxing!
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A light sent does stay, it just depends on how strong you brew the bath.  I have used peppermint tea just for fun & I smelled yummy after.  You can also go to some health food stores & get tea & herbs in bulk and make your own tea bags a cotton sachet draw string bag (you can buy them or make your own).  We have Clarkes health food stores where I live.  You can blend your own scents in with the tea.  My fave is lavender, lemon grass.  Once you get a blend down that you like you can make them as very inexpensive cute gifts.  You can also refill the bags and use them over & over again.  The regular old tea bags are just more convenient.
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Did the tea work???

I've read an article about this one. I'm trying to recall the article so not sure about the facts.

I think that sand is a good way to go. They say that women from I'm not sure if Brazil or Venezuela use this on there long legs whenever they get a chance to. It's one secret why they have smooth legs.
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After repeated use of ******** cellulite reduction serum i saw the tremendous result.I feel the difference on the cellulite affected area.Its almost 80% cured.Got the smooth skin.
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After repeated use of ********  cellulite reduction serum i saw the tremendous result.I feel the difference on the cellulite affected area.Its almost 80% cured.Got the smooth skin.
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