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CHALLENGE POST - Abdominal Exercises

We have had quite a few questions lately regarding exercises to target belly fat, so this morning I thought that it might be helpful to post an exercise that works with that region directly.  Please do keep in mind that overall weight loss will be the most effective means of slimming this area, but targeted exercises are a great way to tone up the core muscles that are lying just beneath the surface waiting to shine through.  I hope that you all enjoy this particular exercise that I have selected and who knows....maybe we could even add them in with our standard crunch challenge.  ; )  

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Ooohh I like it-  not sure I can do it lol - Its a tough one but looks like it works well -  or at least feels like it is working lol
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YES!  This is a wonderful way to tone those ab muscles!  It's just another exercise I include as a "crunch".

BUT, this will still burn FAT all over your body.  IT WILL TONE YOUR ABS!
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One more thing:  If you have NO back issues, you can get more bang for your buck by lowering your legs closer to the floor!

If it hurts your back in either position, place your hands under the small of your back to make sure your back stays on the floor.
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Thank YOU Miss Lucinda .. adding this to my 10 crunches.  Yes, twehner, I'm starting over with 10 crunches a day for a week.  So .. hold me accountable.  Perhaps this week we can do 10 crunches and 10 of these for a total of 20 a day .. anybody else game???  

twehner, Skailark .. Miss Lucinda .. do I hear volunteers for DS (Drill Sergents) this week????  You all can throw out a few others things along the way as well .. just to mix it up a bit!

My personal challenge this week .. is to GO TO THE GYM and stop procrastinating.  No later than Wednesday .. (out of town Mon and Tues to Kansas City) .. more dental work and sitting in the dental chair .. my daughter is practicing on my as she is in dental hygienist school.
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I heard Skailark say AYE!
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Ha ha...Well um for it buddy! So what do you say? lol...
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Ok - so what I'm getting from this is that I lose weight all over my body, but if I do certain exercises, I will TONE the muscles in a certain area (in this case, the abdominal area) - which may make it "appear" that I lost weight from my tummy because the toned muscles will take the place of the flab that's there now.  

So...... if I eat right and do a set of exercises that works my entire body and tones ALL my muscles, I will again look like a teenager, right??  Well, ok, that's hoping for a bit too much (lol), but I will look better for sure!

Is that somewhere near right?  

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