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The exercise that I would like to talk about today is called "Plank".  It requires no equipment, not a lot of time, and you don't have to be at a gym to perform it.  Looks quite easy, but looks can definitely be deceiving....I would like for you all to give it a try and tell me how you did.  

Plank Exercise (see photo above):

Works:  Core
How To:  Assume a push-up position, then rest your forearms on the ground and hold for 30 seconds.  Repeat as tolerated.  
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I will have to pass on this one due to my shoulder tendonosis.  I did get on the eliptical and do some floor exercises and jogging in place after I saw Kirsten's Biggest Loser pictures.  So inspiring!
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Can't say that I blame you Trudie.  Always best to pay attention to your body and avoid aggravating any ongoing conditions.  Should tendinosis has got to be uncomfortable enough as it is.  

Performed three of these planks myself after my treadmill workout.  Whew!  Somebody remind me to keep the strength training on the off days from running.  My goodness my aching abs!  LOL!  
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i did read your post but i read wrong lol!! And i did the side planks so my badd! i will attempt that one 2morrow!! Maybe it stills counts, i know the plank is a very hard work out!! good job thnx for posting a great workout!!
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You bet side planks count!  Rock on Lady!  ; )  
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Great TY! i can only do it on my wii fit though i tried with out the board its alot tougher! but on the game its push up and side plank! pretty hard i did 10 reps and got a 95%! i missed a pushup lol!
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Oh..... my...... word.....

I did it for about 15 seconds, twice. I'm so doing those whenever I can!
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