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CHALLENGE POST - Motivational Mondays!

The whole idea of motivational mondays was brought up by
one of our commnunity members msgorgeous! All credit goes to
her for this inspirational idea ! Thankyou msgorgeous!

Motivational monday is all about keeping motivated  and being positive through out our
weight loss journey and be a whole new healthy us!

Here is my motivational monday quote for thie week -

"We are still masters of our fate.We are still captains of our souls.

- Winston Churchill

Here is a great inspiring video - http://uk.youtube.com/watch?v=MDLK6Ds88Ok&feature=related

So what is your motivational quote that is going to keep you going for this week?
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"The more you wee the less you weigh" by me....

Up your water intake -  yes you wee more but it works -  you will flush your system, help it process fat quicker, help your digestive system..... every time you are making that extra visit to the toilet keep saying-  "the more you wee the less you weigh"
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"You must begin to think of your self as becoming the person you want to be." David Viscott

SK..i dont mind that you do motivational mondays at all your good at it good job i can add anything to it as well we can share it :) thank you for the thank you
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Thought i could help some of us all by saying write down the quotes that most inspire you and tape them thourgh out ur life like on your fridge ur desk at work ur desk at home on the door. bathroom where u keep ur scale anywhere that way you will see it and be motivated :) i hope you try this i know it will help some of you its helped me
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