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CHALLENGE POST - SUNDAY RESULTS CHAT - For Sharing and Support and this means YOU!


Good, Bad, Challenging, Successful, Motivating?

This thread is truly to let each of us know how the other members are doing in an honest, sincere, caring and supporting environment.  We're not here to judge anyone - we're all here to SUPPORT, NURTURE and TEACH each other some of the tools for success!

What kind of support community would we be if we only talked when everyone did well?  HOW WAS YOUR WEEK???

The board is not quite as active and it always makes me wonder if members are failing and not wanting to post.  PLEASE DO.

Personally, this was a good week for me weight-wise and a recuperative week personally.  The stresses of the last 3 weeks have resolved, some with favorable outcomes and some not.  It's been a struggle not to overeat during this time and our month-long "clown versus tutu challenge" came at a most opportune time to help me focus.  Previously I kept going up and down the scale and was fairly complacent in staying where I was and not moving forward and completing my journey.  Well, the back pack is on and this little wanderer is back on the path with the support of YOU MEMBERS!  

Now .. we'd truly LOVE to hear about your week ....
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This clown is down (2 lbs!).  It's down to the final 3 weeks - and my sweet reward will be seeing the Drill Sergeant dancin' a jig in a TuTu of his choice.  Oh, yeah!!!

Hubby threw in an extra "eat out" night on Friday.  I totally surprised myself by ordering a grilled chicken cashew salad with dressing on the side.  I was sooo hungry when he told me we were going out that I had EVERY intention of ordering a Rueben sandwich.

I thank the Clown People!!!
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This is from our friend PMoon ..

Ok, so I'm very frustrated that I gained a pound. I thought I did well this week and actually feel more toned and thinner. I'm sure I wasn't perfect, but to gain a pound?????

I would have felt better if I had not gained or lost.

: (

My error in not looking at the board before starting this thread .. as she kindly and politely started this thread earlier.  To avoid confusion to the community members, I've combined them into one so we can all post on the same thread ..
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I'v had a good week lost 1.8lbs weight wise, and keeping on twehner5's case with daily motivational quotes as helped me to stay motivated too,
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I've had any up and down week, but still able to loose 1.2lbs.
How have i been able to overcome temptation this week?.

I have a weakness for chocolate, and when i have a craving, i turn to a loved one for help (elaine1961) and it goes something like this:-

ME "i have been a go boy, this week"
ELAINE " no i am not buying you chocolate"

So i stay strong, ( but i'm not afraid of her) HA HA!!!
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I've gotta love your wife!  So glad she's on OUR team.  
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Just got back from spring break! I lost 3 lbs! Oh my gosh!
victory dance!

I admit I didn't eat the healthiest of foods, but I had a lot of walking about to do at the museums 'n' what not. Pretty decent week. Hopefully, the next will be just as great.

I admit I scarfed down some dark chocolate with lil' cacao nibs in it. Mmmm. I mean no! Somebody slap me!
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Im good this week! Im down 3.5lbs. I'm on my way to my goal!!! Congrats to everybody!!!!!!!!!!
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Same for me nothing! I guess increasing cals. didnt work!! Now im very frustrated!! I wanted the last few lbs gone but they are starting to seem impossible!! I dunno maybe next week be better!
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For me, it has been a banner week in the weight loss.  Am down 4 lbs but would not recommend the process to do so.  Did watch what I ate very closely and the vision of tutu boy dancing his little heart out kept me on the straight and narrow.  The stress of sorting through Michael's things and pulling out cards and sentimental things and returning them to the respective "givers" has been difficult and lowered my appetite.  Is funny, before his death I was tempted to binge and after his death found it difficult to eat.  Am beginning to feel better but have many more things to go through and will definitely be looking for my strength from all of you, this competition and implementing the tools I've learned throughout my journey.

YOU GUYS ARE DOING GREAT!!!   And, for you "chocoholics" .. (I am one as well ...) you've all done well! Elaine .. can you come to my house????  ;)  Anyway, as time goes on and when you are NOT being tempted to stray from your eating plan, you can implement a piece of chocolate here and there.  I started by purchasing the small Dove chocolate individually wrapped candy and giving it to my coworker with explicit instructions I could have ONE piece midafternoon.  At first, I looked forward to that each day with great anticipation.  Can not tell you how wonderful it was the day I decided I did not need it.  I could have it, but wasn't craving it so passed it up.  WoW .. that was power and the beginning of learning how to regulate what I eat .. it's all about moderation.  

For those who stayed the same or gained a pound, I am sorry and know it can be frustrating.  However, it is part of our journey and your body's way of protecting you form starvation.  Stay true to your plan and I promise, it will come off.  My longest one was 6 weeks ..  Give yourself a HUGE HUG for hanging in there .. it truly is something to be proud of!!!

For those of you who are losing, you're reaching your goals and becoming healthier.  Doesn't it feel wonderful?  Truly .. it feels better than the food so JUMP UP AND DOWN 10 TIMES and celebrate your accomplishment!

***Victory dances all around!!!***  Now .. let's make this an ACTIVE week with TONS of participation and GET OUR SPIRITS AND OUR BOOTIES MOVING!!!  
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I stayed the same this week. I am ok with that since I didn't exercise at all last week. Even though I have had wonderful motivation with the TUTU boy challenge I could not make myself exercise when it was sooo cold and rainy out last week. Good news is the sun is out this week and it is warm again!! I will be kicking my butt back into gear this week.

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