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Calorie intake?

I'm trying to lose some weight!  I'm 5'7" and started at 198lbs.  I'm starting to exercise and am using www.medhelp.com tracker sheets to keep track of things.  What I can't figure out tho is how many calories I should  or shouldn't be intaking in a single day.  MedHelp says like 1900, but that seems like way to much.  I ate a full day yesterday and still only ended up with 852 calories for the day.  Is that ok?  Also, if anyone has any ideas for lunches, I would be grateful.  That's the hardest meal for me to come up with!  I don't normally eat lunch so it's tough for me.  Also, it has to be stuff I'll actually eat- no nuts, grilled veggies, etc!  I like tuna but how many times can you eat a can of tuna in a row?!  Thanks so much!
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1900 calories is not a lot, at all.  You would definitely lose if you consumed that many a day.

My favorite thing for lunch is the Healthy Choice or Smart Ones frozen meals.  There are sooo many varieties, and most of them are good.  They are between 200-350 calories.  I add a salad sometimes or an unsweetened applesauce, or a banana.

I do use the Food Tracker on here, so you can check that out if you want to see what I am eating.  I try to stay under 2000 calories.  I weigh 164 and am trying to lose 15-20 pounds.  Good luck!
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If you got your calorie count from the med help food diary - as when you sign up to use the food diary, the calorie count is what's needed to *maintain* your current weight.  We generally figure that you need to create a deficit then to lose weight.  Usually it's 500 calories/day (to lose 1 pound/week).  We recommend that you create this deficit by eating approx 250 calories less than the recommended amount AND burning an extra 250 calories.  

Make sure you don't cut your calories by too much or your body will think it's there's not going to be enough food and will go into "starvation mode" to hold on to fat that's already there.  
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I'm using this cool app on my I Touch. It tells me that if I want to lose (or try to) 2lbs a week, it gives me the right amount of calories to eat each day. I'm currently at 1730, and started at 1780. I've lost 9lbs since starting this on Jan 2. They also have a website that you can go online to put your details in too. It's (without the spaces)
w w w . m y f i t n e s s p a l . c o m

It helps me, plus you can add your own food. I know medhelp has it too, but it's more helpful for me on my itouch because I can't always get to a computer to enter food stats in.
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I think MH has something that accessible from an iPod or iTouch, I'm not sure.  I don't have one, so haven't checked into it.
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If 1900 calories seems too much for you and you are satisfied with less, perhaps you should find out if you are hypothyroid. If you are that explains part of your problem. Also when you are overweight you are less likely to move around much. In any case I would not eat more than the amount that satisfied me.
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You can cut back some on the calories -- most likely you don't really need 1900 calories to lose weight; but every doctor I've ever had has told me to NEVER go below 1000 calories/day........

I agree that any possible medical issues (hypothyroid, insulin resistance, PCOS, et) should be checked out.  There are a number of us who are hypothyroid (yes, I am too) and I think we can all agree that it's difficult, if not impossible to lose weight unless your thyroid hormones are at the right level.  
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