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Calories and working out

My back ground is about 3 years ago I had lost 135lbs since then I gained back all but like 25lbs of it well the last time I did it I lowered my cal but not the most healthest ways ate alot of 100 cal packs and for the most part only ate 1 big meal the rest of the time I ate the 100 cal packs almost every hour on the hour,   This time around I am really trying to do it more healthyer, ie eating more fruits and veggies and eating 3 meals and a couple snacks,  I did also work out.  I was doing Weight Watchers, gained my weight back after I had 2 stop Weight Watchers cus of Money.

Ok my ? is I am about 270lb (now) Female I have dropped my Calories to 1200-1400 cal depending on the day and how hungery I get,  I am working out 6-7days a week about 3-7miles also depending on the day.  Should I be eating more Cal for working out that much?  


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O I have already lost 15lbs in about 3 weeks, but I am worried that I might stall out if I am not eating what I need 2 w/the work outs
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Congratulations on the lbs. lost thus far, that's a great achievement!  To answer your question, no, you shouldn't be eating more calories than the 1200 already set.  Although you're working out more (yeah!), there are calories to burn in your body's extra pounds.  1200 calories is sufficient for your frequency and length of workouts.  Eating the same amount or more calories than you actually burn will get you no where.  Eating slightly less calories than what you burn during your workouts will start to burn the calories stored in the body fat.  When folks stall out, it's usually because of dehydration and muscle fatigue.  Make sure to drink plenty of water throughout the day and after your workouts, which also helps with muscle fatigue and soreness.  Remember to look at the quality of your calories.  Lean proteins will help you feel fuller, give you sustained energy, and are easier to burn off.  Limiting carbs to 20 grams per day will really help you burn those extra pounds.  Good luck!
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Thanks,  Yeah I was getting worried cus I keep reading about net caliories,  I drink lots of water 140-220oz a day so I know I dont have a prob there,  I just want to do this the right way this time so I can keep it off for good,  
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First off, congratulations on your loss so far.  

I disagree that 1200 calories/day is sufficient.  Your body needs a certain number of calories, just to live -- that's to breathe, heart beat, digest food, elimination, etc - those involuntary functions that we have no control over. If you don't eat enough calories for your current weight, you body will begin to think there won't be enough food and it will begin to hang on to the fat stores you already have. This is called "starvation mode".  At 270 pounds, your body needs more than 1200 calories/day just to survive.  As you begin to lose weight, your body will require less calories and you should begin to cut back.

Concentrate the majority of your calories on fresh/frozen veggies and fruits, lean protein, low/no fat dairy, "good" fats and whole grains.  

You said you did Weight Watcher's but had to quit because of money.  That's understandable in today's economy, but you can still use the "principle" for your current weight loss journey; you just wouldn't be going to meetings/weigh ins, etc. If they gave you any printed material, you could go back and reread, and follow it.  

I also recommend that you implement a food diary.  This will help you keep track of what you are taking in and will let you see which areas you may need to increase and which to decrease calories.

Good luck.
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Thanks for the info,  Yes I still have the info but I use the Food tracker on here and have found I like it better dont have to carrie around papers and stuff to keep track I do keep the food tracker up to date every day,  This time around I am being much healther, so I am hopeing that will help me in the long run.   I am finding that I am just not hungry as often and when I am I eat and then I am full really fast, some days I have to force myself to eat the 1200-1400 cal min that I know I deff need, but I have found if I eat much more then the 1400 I gain.
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It is recommended that a person needs no less than 1200 calories on average per day to maintain proper body functionality.  It is also true that if you are larger (I am sitting at 285) you can maintain a higher calorie diet and still lose weight.  Keep in mind that while lowering your calories will shuck the weight off faster your body will yo yo again.  Unless you have a deadline you need to meet with your weight loss it is better to go slowly at no more than 2lbs per week.  The biggest reason for this is you steadily build your metabolism rate and keep it consistent and most importantly, the longer it takes you to lose the weight the longer you are eating and exercises in the right proportions and properly.  Also you should try and keep yourself on the same calorie count each day, allowing for only slight exceptions.  Personally I keep everyday between 1200-1600 calories (eat till not hungry) and I have one day a week where I allow up to 2000 calories.  I do this for three reasons.  One when you are fat for a long time and eating improperly for a long time you can not just give up the mental taste of sweets, fast food, and junk.  Secondly I know if I have a dirty day once a week I will not have a binge session that equates to 5000 calories of excess (yes it happens to most people).  Lastly this day regulates me out to an average of 1550 calories a day.  I am active enough that to take in to account this calorie count and my activity I steadily lose 2-3 lbs a week.  I will gain weight and then shuck it off fast, I am not the best water drinker and that can cause serious water retention that appears as gained pounds.  I would strongly advise to not be in a rush and realize that fluctuating weight is common even during loss.  As long as you are not looking at more than the amount of weight you gain around your period (for me that is usually up to 5 pounds) than you are just going through water retention cycles.  To much water and not enough salt in your diet can also cause issues with the appearance of weight gain.  Remember you can over hydrate your cells as well.
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