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Hi I have been on a strict salad, fruit, protein and low amounts of carbohydrates diet for a while but like any normal person I felt like a break today and me and my husband got a takeaway. I was very tasty but unfortunately I vomited straight after (I've had problems with ibs and acid reflux for years).
My question is now obviously I am hungry as I have an empty tummy, can I eat something small or have I already absorbed all the calories? And what do I record on my diet planner?
Sorry if tmi!
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If you vomited right after eating, by all means, you should eat something now, so you aren't leaving your stomach empty.  You would not have absorbed all the calories, but even if you did absorb some of them, you must get something into your stomach.

Go ahead and log the meal, but make a notation that you got ill and couldn't keep it down - or just don't log it.

Have you had your thyroid levels tested?  Both IBS and acid reflux can be symptoms of hypothyroidism. Get TSH, Free T3 and Free T4 tested.  

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