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Can't Lose Weight

I'm a  27 year old female. I weigh 220lbs. All extra weight is around the middle. I exercise 3x a week for 2 hours, all cardio. I eat mostly grains and vegetables/fruits and always less than 2000 cal a day. No junk, so soda. I have tried everything to lose weight. I have been tested for thyroid, diabetes, hormones. No one seems to know why I'm still fat. What do I do?
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You need to make sure you get plenty of lean protein, which comes from lean meats, chicken, beans/legumes, etc, as well as at least 3 servings of low/no fat dairy.  In addition, don't forget the "good" fats, which come from avocados, olive oil, nuts, etc.

It sounds like strength training could benefit you. Try to split your exercise between cardio and strength; and keep "mixing" it up.  If you do the same thing every day, your body/muscles will become used to it and it will no longer be a challenge.

Same goes for food; if you eat the same things and same number of calories/day, your body gets used to it and will only burn what it needs to, to maintain.  Make sure you mix up the types of food, and also vary your calories regularly; one day you can eat more, then next drop the calorie count by  a couple hundred or more, then raise it back up.

It's also necessary for you to make sure you aren't getting too many/too few calories for your height.  Calorie count is based on your height, current weight and activity level.
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You need to drop some of the cardio and start strength training! Too much cardio can eat away at muscle and slow down your metabolism. I would say start lifting (heavy weights- meaning 8-10 reps) for total body (upper body and lower body) 3 times a week, and maybe some interval cardio afterwards for 20 minutes.
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also make sure ur getting ur recommended vitamin intake. ya start some stregnth training. it loses 70% of fat of what cardio does. also eat breakfast. eat no fat after work outs. theres a bunch of things you can do to try to jump start it.
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Dairy products and tons of milk help. They help make your middle area shrink and stay that way. That's what I did. Drink tons of milk and I looked like I weighed 120 when I was really closer to 140
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i weight the same as u and have the same problem i kno what u are goin thru
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Maybe your calorie intake should be less.  My doctor wants me to do 1200 calories, but that is really hard for me. I think you can eat  a little more calories when you excercise, but ask your doctor.
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