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we welcome you and would most sincerely urge you to become an active participant in the Weight Loss & Dieting community.    

Eating more nutritionally, implementing moderate exercise, losing weight and transitioning to a healthy lifestyle is better done among a caring group of like-minded friends.  We are in this together!  Let's ask questions, make friendships, share knowledge, use trackers, give support, provide motivation, encourage each other and celebrate our successes!  

Lets make this Positive, Motivational and Enlightening!!!  The joy is in the journey and the knowledge and friendships that are gained along the way. Come join us and lets make history!

Please take a moment to introduce yourself and tell us something about you and your journey.  If you have specific questions, you may want to start another post after you've said "hello" ... :]

Sunshine wishes ... you CAN do this ... and WE CAN DO THIS Together!!!  
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Hello,  I'm a newbie!  For about 2 mos now I am sssslowly getting my mind set to lose some weight that, unfortuantely, has been gained being on Synthroid.  When my dosing was changed (became a bit more hypo) on 5/15 I suddenly gained another 10 lbs w/o warning.  The Synthroid is necessary since thyroid surgery 1/07 and I have absolutely no side effects (except this weight thing) while taking the proper dose of Synthroid.  I am on 75mcgs with a TSH of 1.8 ... the Endo's goal is <1.0 but I get terrible anxiety with anything <1.8 so 1.8 is where I comfortable stay along with the weight gain!

I'm not 100% ready and am still lurking, but I set my weight tracker up in an effort to motivate myself to become comitted .... I guess I'm one step closer by posting, but not quite yet ready.  If you all will bear with me a little bit longer, as I lurk, ... I'm hoping to make myself really want to do this.

I have a severe tibial tendonitis/arthritis problem in my ankle that will not allow me to do many of the exercises.  I have to wear high top sneakers wtih orthotics for support vs. surgery (which is major league with no guarantee it will work).  This injury has taken quite a toll on my lifestyle activities .. however this has been a chronic concern for almost 2yrs with ltd. acitivity so cannot blame the 10lbs wt. gain on the ankle LOL but it will inhibit me from taking part in any walking, cycling, running or even just walking on the treadmill .. my tendon was very close to a rupture and physical therapy helped about 60% --- about 40% is still left with daily pain maintained with anti-inflammatory Mobic 15mgs. to control the inflammation.

I look forward to delurking one of these days and {{{{{ wave hello }}}}}} to everybody!

Co-CL Thyroid Disorders Community
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Wait (or is it Weight LOL!!!) .. I forgot to add my weight ticker!   My "normal" weight is aprox 178 .. and today I'm approx 191.

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Hi there!  I'm also a newbie.  I've been involved in the Healthy Cooking forum and the Ovarian Cysts forum so did meet some of you over there.  I've had an inactive thyroid since my early 30's and have been on Eltroxin (synthetic T4) since then.  I'm 46.  The weight has been continually building since then.  

In early June I had to have surgery to remove a grapefruit sized cluster of cysts and my right ovary and tube with an open operation with vertical cut.  Because of the cysts I had bloated up awful, ate to help with the stress, and looked 5 months pregnant.  This really scared me (cancer was a possibility but all was benign) and I am taking control of my health.  The first 9 pounds came off easy - largely due to the surgery and lack of appetitie as you recovery.  Since then I've been working hard to keep my calories between 1200 and 1550 per day and am tracking all my calories, carbs, proteins and fats.  This has helped me so much in portion control and awareness of everything I put in my mouth.  

I have been doing some walking and ball rolling.  I just got diagnosed with tendonosis of my right rotator cuff so am heading to doctor today to find out what restrictions I will have in the exercise area.  I very much need to increase my activity so the weight loss comes quicker.  I started at 196 on June 6 and am down to 181 now.  I am hoping to get to 150 by February.

I have an all grown up almost 23 year old son and a teddy bear of a big Italian husband.  He also needs to lose weight as has an unbilical hernia that they won't operate on until he loses.  I work in the software industry and take lots of gourmet cooking classes.  Cooking is my passion and I have found that so helpful with losing weight.  It is fun to find lower fat/calorie ways to cook my favourites and to make the food we have flavourful and enjoyable.

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Welocme To Medhelp Weight Loss & Dieting Community!
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I have been struggling SO VERY LONG!  I have done WW in the past and LA Weight Loss with great success.  However, nothing seems to be working right now.  I am up 10 pounds from my usual weight (which I still was chubby at that!) and 20 pounds away from my goal weight of 125.  I am very unmotivated at the moment and enjoy eating much to much.  I do not like the way I feel, but I just can't get the ball rollling....so, that is me!
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Welcome to the WL&D community and thank you sincerely for your kind introductions and sharing your personal information with us.  We are thrilled you are here!!!

Getting started with a weight loss and exercise program can be the hardest thing to overcome.  However, the good news is that you have the power to do so!  In surrounding yourself with like-minded friends, and actively participating in this community, you are setting the stage for your success.

The wealth of knowledge shared is amazing and diverse topics range from motivational words and exercise tips, to a favorite recipe or a cry for help. The genuine concern and understanding of those who are walking the same path provides comfort and hope as successes are shared.  This community and your involvement helps us all work together in a concerted effort to change our lives.  

Here's a little story that helped me get going ... and helped me make the right choices once I did.  I kept it on my refrigerator door and read it each time I made a choice as to eat or not and what to eat.  Hope it helps you as well ...

ONE evening, and old Cherokee told his grandson about the eternal battle that goes on inside people.

He said, “My boy, the battle is between two wolves inside us all.”

“One is Evil. It is anger, envy, jealousy, sorrow, regret, greed, arrogance, self-pity, guilt, resentment, inferiority, lies, false pride, superiority and ego.”

“The other is Good. It is joy, peace, love, hope, serenity, humility, kindness, benevolence, empathy, tolerance, generosity, truth, compassion and faith.”

The boy thought about it for a minute and then asked his grandfather, “Which wolf wins?”

The old Cherokee replied, “The one you feed.”

So, with Sunshine wishes, I ask you to adjust your thinking cap to allow for the soul searching and self-examination that leads to the self-improvement of both mind and body. Move forward with a newfound commitment in motivating yourself towards your success and “Feed the Good Wolf!”

It is the journey of YOUR lifetime!

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Sounds like you are making amazing changes and finding new recipes and ways of preparing our foods is one of the benefits of our lifestyle changes.  There is no reason to give up flavor or favorite foods ... it's all about finding new and healthier alternatives!

Your journaling, portion control and trackers are crucial to your success and you are doing Amazing!  Keep up the great work and please share your successes and that you achieve them with the group!  

We're all in this together!  Thanks again ..
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What an inspirational saying ... now, in my case, I will print it out and put it on the snack cabinet ...... food and food portions I don't think are my downfall as I don't have tremendous appetite on Synthroid (many have increase- I have decrease & have to think about eating many times) .. For me it is the carbs in chips, and that type of snack food which I grab and eat and I eat and eat.   My other really big hurdle to overcome is to somehow get to drinking more water .. I have propensity and history of kidney stones and should drink more than I do on a daily basis; I have found I enjoy fruit juices instead and those have added useless calories in them but taste good ... the add-in flavor packets I don't care for ... many are too acid and give me small pimples on my tongue which hurt alot for days .... I need to somehow make myself drink more water but am finding it very difficult.  The chips --they are a reward after completing a project or finishing a chore ... those are my two weak spots.  Not chocolate, not tons of soda, not huge or fried portions of food.  Of course there is my AM coffee .. my one cup ... tons of sugar and cream.  But that is tied into the reward I think .. I take my Synthroid, drink my coffee and cannot eat for 30mins to an hour due to the med .. so the coffee better taste good or else not a good morning.

OK .. I put it in writing for the world to see.  

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I am presently a training in the fitness industry as I aspire to help others who struggle with addictions to food. I am a recovering alcoholic of two years since a traumatic car accident which included a severe head injury, broken neck, fractured shoulder, fractured jaw, ligament and tissue damage to the lumbar spine, and many more. I believe that no matter what the health or physical challenge someone has, it can be overcame and I want to help them.

I am here for anyone!
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Welcome to the community! Waht an asset and inspiration we have here!

Sorry to hear about your accident...You are right anything can be done if you really want to make it  happen! I can tell you have such an amazing inspiration thing about you and all of us here could use all of it here!

So welcome aboard and we look forward for your active particpation!
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Am soooo very proud of YOU!!!!  Actively participating in the group and being honest and forthright about the issues you're facing is absolutely the key that opens the door to success!!!  

Weight control can definitely be difficult when you have a medication that is thwarting your efforts ... but it is still DO-Able ... it just takes some additional determination and motivation and we're here to help you with that.  ;p

A decreased appetite can be just as detrimental to losing weight as a large one.  You may want to start by making sure you eat at least 3 small meals a day ... then add in a snack between breakfast and lunch .... then one between lunch and dinner/supper ... and then one after dinner/supper.  They can be small ... maybe to start 1/2 banana or a 1/2 c of green beans or some lean deli-style turkey or chicken.  By doing this, you will keep your metabolism engaged, which will help you lose weight.  In addition, you will not be so drawn to the carb snacks.

As for the carb cravings ... they are like being on an endless roller coaster.  I'll make a separate message to talk about that ...

Personally, I used to hate water.  However, I have found a few ways to incorporate it into my plan and now I even crave it!  I drink Propel and there's not much difference in cost to buy it prepared versus the individual packets.  You may want to try grape as it doesn't seem to have as much acid as lemonaid or orange.  Think there's a strawberry kiwi that probably would be okay as well.  Have you tried cooling it down by drinking "ice" water?  That's the only way I like it ... super, super cold.  

Want to talk about the coffee and condiments .. and will do that in another post as well ... "BLT's ... Bites, Licks and Tastes".  

Thanks for being so honest and raising so many very valid weight loss issues.  The great thing is ... there are many ways to handle them successfully!!!  

Sunshine wishes ... and please let us know how you're doing!  
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Welcome, welcome, welcome to the community!!!  CONGRATULATIONS to YOU for the Amazing transformation you have made in your life!  You've turned the tragedy of severe car accident and turned it into such positive changes in your life ... a recovery alcoholic of 2 years AND and training in the fitness industry.  Your willingness to reach out and help others certainly tells of your transformation and the depth of your heart!  We're sincerely thrilled you are here and willing to share your story and the knowledge you have gained.  

We share similar beliefs .. one of my favorite sayings is ..

BELIEVE, even when it is not rational and good things WILL happen ...

Truly hope you will visit the community often and be a mainstay of friendship and information.  

(((Heartfelt HUGGSS)))
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TrudieC ~ How did your appt go at the Dr today for your rotator cuff?  I've been thinking of you .. ouch that hurts.  I am hoping home exercises will take care of it for you.

Ranae, thanks for your post ... I've learned a lot from your post and will start off tomorrow being certain I get three meals in a day with a small snack inbetween.  You are right, I realize I oftentimes miss lunch or eat a late bkfst so, yes, that opens the door for snacks inbetween the next scheduled meal as a filler.  

Tomorrow morning I'll reread your post (it's late tonight) -- I think I have grape Propel in the house as my son takes it with him to football practice and he picked Grape!

I've done the water with cold cold ice, added lemon, bought it flavored, you name it I've done it LOL ...... I like the water with bubbles, but not good for GI tract to drink it all day long with carbonation ...   I'll try the Propel tomorrow!!

Looking forward to being a member ... hmmmmmm .... I guess I've delurked .... baby steps ... baby steps ... deep breath.

410943 tn?1202266042
I deeply appreciate everybodys great words of kindeness. I only seek here to help others as I am on a beautiful journey exactly where I am supposed to be. The more I become in touch with myself and God's plans (as I understand him) then the more I can allow things to just happen and stop trying to control life into happening the way I want it to. I am constantly learning and seeking in all spiritual aspects of life and the more I discover, the more I realize, I am pretty much just going for a ride in life the way I was meant to. I used to try and force life to happen the way I wanted it to and at the pace I wanted, but now I just sit back a follow the signs of life and where they are directing me.

We all have a different path, but I believe whatever challenges we face, they are meant to teach us growth and acceptance before we are able to move forward. Life is a tough journey so put on your seatbelts and just go for the rockie ride.

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YOU are an inspiration to us all .... thank you for being you.  C~
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Hi, I'm a 29 F and this spring I (finally) decided to address my weight and lifestyle.  Before, I just was not willing to put the time and energy into it, I always found something else in life to prioritize.  

I work at computers all day and this was part of how I became very sedentary.  

Part of my journey is changing not only how much and how often, but also *what* I eat.  I used to eat lots of diet and low-cal products, from diet sodas to "fat free" this and that, etc.  

For me, I realized that those products were not helping me be healthy or maintain a good weight.  I think it was a combination of mentally allowing myself to eat too much (you know, the whole "it's fat free so I can eat more of it" line of thinking) and also all of the over-processed stuff I loved was pumped up with salty and sweet flavors that triggered my insatiable appetite.  (I could eat a whole 1/2 gallon of "light" ice cream, for example.)

I eat very differently now.  At first I cut out red meat, and then gradually became a vegetarian.  I don't think I can do vegan full time, but I make many vegan meals.  

I do "perimeter shopping" now, so at the store I skip all the middle aisles, which usually hold all of the processed/snack foods.  I go to produce first, and get the bulk of my groceries from there.

I weigh myself once a week (though skipped last week by choice), and use a Tracker here.  I am not into calorie counting or food journaling as I find them to be too stressful (though I know they are great methods for others!)  I sometimes wear a pedometer to count my steps/activity, and that can be fun for me.    

My weigh-in day is today, Friday.  As of today, I've lost 38 lbs since May.  My goal is to lose 100 lbs.  (I'm 5'9" and started at 270 lbs.)

Nice to meet you all, hope this wans't too long an intro, and good luck to everyone!

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Hello evereyone im 23 years old and ive gained some weight in the last year or soo. ive got a "tire" as some would say.... getting thunder thighs not quite thunderous yet but there getting there. Love handles not really in love with them so to speak. I dont wanna be super skinney not my fortay, in shape and heathy. Im not into dieting dont like it i still wanna eat pizza cookies icecream but in moderation haha. Just looking for some motivation to lose some weight and keep it off. I was in the army in 2005 i loved the daily excersise but due to a pelvis stress fracture was medically discharged. I love to run but dont really want ppl saying or thinking stuff about me when im running down the street lol i know crazy huh thats one of the reasons i dont do it. I know some good excersises if you want to know ill be glad to share them with you all

good luck to all of you
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Welcome to The commmunity! ~Sure we would like to know your army routines!
And never be afraid to ask questions here coz that's what we do here - answer them!

And believe me motivation is not an issue here - you will find plenty!
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Absolutely LOVED and THANK YOU for your lovely introduction!  You have learned much in your journey thus far and CONGRATULATIONS on 38 LBS ... YOU ARE AMAZING & INSPIRING!!  

100 lb is a lot to lose and YOU CAN and WILL achieve your goals.  May I kindly and most respectfully suggest that you set smaller goals in between as they are more easily obtainable and they allow you to celebrate many victories!!!  Besides, each victory celebration cements your determination and provides you the motivation to continue moving steadily forward.  I could not have imagined tackling 176 lbs .. I did tackle 2 lbs, 3 lbs, 5 lbs and no more than 10 lb increments ... and they eventually added up to 152 pounds; 24 more to go.  

Seeing "fat free" foods and allowing your brain to think you can eat more is something we all face from time to time.  The key is in changing our thought process.  It really means you are making healthier, lower-calorie options .. in the same or less quantities than before .. that will provide you with the weight loss and healthy lifestyle that is your goal.  The new clothing along the way .. ;] .. and looking and feeling better .. are your rewards!

Perimeter shopping is a wonderful idea and a great piece of knowledge you have shared with all of us.  Thank you!  Would also encourage you to share what you are learning with a vegan lifestyle ... while I'm not vegan, do find that I eat tremendously more fruits and vegetables than I used to and always love to explore more of that lifestyle.

Soooo glad you have elected to participate ... it's absolutely wonderful to have you among the amazing group of friends that are forming and staying engaged in this community.  

428506 tn?1296560999

I most surely do set smaller goals in between to celebrate.  I've made some good progress, but I know the rate at which I am losing is slowing down, and that trend will continue.  My tracker clearly shows this, and it makes sense.  All the more reason to have smaller goals in between!  

5 and 10 lb increments are always nice goals, as on my analog scale, the 5 and 10 lb marks have bigger lines.

I also set goals based on my memory of how I felt at different weights, and also based on what things were happening in my life at those weights.  

My next goal is to get below 230 lbs, so I need to lose just over 2 more lbs.

I really want to be in the 220's instead of the 230's.  I haven't been there since the year 2003, and though I'll still be very overweight, I recall that I had a lot more body confidence at that size.  

I recently bought a new bag while on travel in CA, and I'm saving it for once I get into the 220's.  I have the bag hanging on my kitchen chair.  I feel really good about eating well with that bag hanging behind me, and I know in a couple of weeks it'll be mine to take out.

My next big goal after that is 211 lbs.  I recall clearly that is how much I weighed when I started grad school in fall 2001.  So I think of the weight loss as sort of a time machine that can take me back to memorable times in my life.

I've been vegetarian for a couple of months, but can't do vegan all the time.  For me it is too stressful to always striclty watch out for any animal products in my diet.  But I do eat vegan meals often and try to lean in that direction.

I had a lot of reasons to personally decide to switch to a more plant-based diet.  I think that is a personal thing, and don't expect others to agree.  If anyone is interested, what got me thinking about it was a book called The China Study.  You'll find it easily if you google the title.  It's not for everyone, I really do respect that.  Just mentioning it as something that was of interest to me.

Don't thank me, I am thankful to have a place to come and chat about this.  I've had weight issues all of my life.  I've always had silly internal dialogs, at every meal and every restaurant and every food store.  I'm glad to be able to come here to work on building a better lifestyle and relationship with food and eating.

Have a great weekend, everyone!

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Your desire to be healthy and fit, and not focusing on a size or weight, is the very best way to participate in making and keeping a lifestyle change.  YEAHHHH YOUUUU!!!!

Can truly understand your cravings for pizza, cookies and ice cream, but would like to offer the following thoughts for your consideration ...

1.  You can have these flavors, but I would suggest it requires  a few substitutions.

     A.  Pizza - There are some frozen low-calorie pizza options.  Now, you can make
          them even more appealing by adding some additional pizza sauce, fairly low
          calorie, and some toppings like green onions, green peppers, tomatoes,
          mushrooms, a few olives, etc.  Just don't forget to add the calories.  
     B.  Pizza - You can eat 1 slice of regular pizza for a serving ... just check out
          the calories and make an informed choice ... i.e., Pizza Hut - thin and crisy,
          cheese pizza, 1 slice, 200 calories.
     C.  Ice Cream - Sugar free popsickles are a great substitution ... 15 calories each.
     D.  Ice Cream - Fudgesickles, Wells Blue Bunny ... 35 calories each.
     E.  Ice Cream - Skinny Cow Ice Cream Sandwich, Low calorie, vanilla, vanilla &
          chocolate combo or mint - 140 calories

Motivation can be found in many ways ... staying tuned to this group on a regular and active basis provides the greatest motivation.  The friendships, the hugs, the information shared here, with people facing the same things, watching their successes and feeling the love, compassion and tips to succeed is one of the greatest motivators.  We'll be implementing some motivational techniques very soon.

Not running because of what others think, allows the control and destiny of your life to be placed in the hands of strangers.  And, if they truly think that, they're not worthy of being a friend, let alone controlling the path of your life.  Take back your control and go out there and run, walk, exercise and participate in life as a gift from you ... to you!!!  Sometimes, it is the manner that we believe others may react.

When I went to the gym to work out, I was 330 lbs and I couldn't hardly breathe.  Four minutes of exercise was excruciating and I was panting, sweating and could have reasoned that I should just quit.  However, that would have only defeated me!  What I found out was, that 95% of the people were proud of me for putting in the effort to do something about it.  The other 5%, I feel, were either not well informed or perhaps were mean-spirited.  Long and short of it ... I highly encourage you to go out there and to this for you!!!

Thank you for offering to share exercises with the group!!!  Personally, I would LOVE the opportunity to obtain this information and look forward to your active participation and sharing the exercises with us.  Would you possibly consider posting this within the community on a regular basis?  It would help soooo many people ... :D

Fantastic to have you here and so look forward to sharing your journey with you!

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You, my dear, are a gift and a valued member of this community.  You are wise and knowledgeable and your posts provide a wealth of information!

2 MORE LBS ... wowww ... that is absolutely Awesome!!!  We're here to support you and to be your cheerleaders!  Can hardly wait to celebrate that milestone with you!

The bag is a wonderful motivation tool and out in plain site so you can remember!  Am going to take out a new outfit and hang it on my door.  Have vowed not to wear it until I reach 175 ... following your lead!  Painted my nails today and thought one of my next "rewards" is to get my nails done ... to pamper me.  Am reserving it for 169 .. want to get under the 170's.  

LOVE your idea about using a "time machine" analogy and wonder if you might allow me to borrow your thoughts and write an article on that.  While I've done that in my head ... thought about the milestones and where I was the last time I was at that weight ... never put it in such terms and found your analogy fascinating!

Don't you think the internal dialogues we have with ourselves is a major component that leads us to success???  Personally, had to deal with some of those issues and retrain my thought process in order to make lifestyle changes.  

So very happy to have met you and we have MedHelp to thank for allowing this forum, the trackers, the friendship and a path to lead us to success!!!

R ~
419964 tn?1333305506
Ranae & skailark

Ive very glad to have come across this forum its just what i need.. i hope to help others with motivation and reaching there goals thank you for your support :)
579258 tn?1250652943
So glad you are here .. your help and assistance is most welcome and appreciated!!!  You are most welcome, msgorgeous ... and thank you too!  (((Many heartfelt hugggss)))  Ranae
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