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Good Morning Everyone!

Now who loves dancing?

I know everyone does here in this room!

Here is a fun way to exercise with Paul Eugine!

Check this out!

Here is the link - http://www.ranaesheart.com/2008/11/thanksgiving-weight-loss-challenge.html
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I love dancing and hope to feel up to it very soon.  Paul Eugene is very inspirational and has so much energy .. we can all take a lesson from him!

Get out there and move .. and enjoy some sunshine!
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I love dancing too!! My DH says im better at latino dancing than him and hes the Hispanic one lol!! I did try it man that guy goes faster than i thought lol!! but i did that and my 10 min cardio, only 30 crunches today (it hurts after that pilates move yesterday) and 25 mins on my wii fit!! So im not giving up yet i just hope i lost another lb this week im gonna do weigh in on friday!  You guys have been great!! This is the first time i have stuck with any thing for more than 1wk so TY!!
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Finally a dance routine I can follow!!!  I have absolutely no rhythm and was able to do it so whooo hooo.  Also did 20 minutes of cardio from exercise TV.  Wasn't able to go to the gym cause I had my young'un with me.  I also went to McDonalds and had a cheeseburger happy meal.  SO BAD!!!  Hopefully I won't pay for it tomorrow when I get on the scale.  Still under my caloric and fat intake for the day so I will have to be really careful with dinner.  

gokuangel - I know what you mean about not sticking to anything.  I am so pumped and for the first time I really feel like I can lose this weight once and for all.
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lol glad you got the routine i kept getting lost!! At least you only ate a kids meal when i went to burger king last week i ate the bacon cheeseburger very bad but i did extra cardio to make up for it. i feel the same like i can really lose this extra weight i can already notice changes in my body my lovehandles are going down and my hips look a bit more toned! We just have to keep at it!!
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Goku and Khendrick! I am rally glad you guys are enjoying this..When exercising comes a habbit it is hard to get rid of! You guys are doing a wonderful job.Let' s wait for the friday's weigh in and see what Mr.Scale has to say!
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Long day - 3 hrs blood work this morning, then a 4 hr road trip, cooking, etc so no formal exercise - how bad can I get.  I did log almost 3 miles on my pedometer, blood sugars bouncing all over the scale and I'm ssssooooo tired tonight, so pplleeaassee let that count, cuz I haven't gained any, even though I didn't lose any either.  
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Hey Barb!

The most important thing for me and the rest of the friends here is your health. I really want you to get yourself sorted out first...no worries every step you take counts!
I know how hard you try..you are special to all of us!
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Thanks Skailark and everyone else.  Now have company for the weekend and turkey with trimmings to cook tomorrow along with another dinner on Saturday for family who can't come tomorrow, so will keep moving and might even be able to get to the Wii Fit or health rider somewhere along the way.  

Sorry I sound so down when everyone else is so pumped up and doing so well.  Just very tired and discouraged, but will get on track one of these days and try to never lose sight of the fact that there are a lot of people in worse shape than I am, so have a lot of things to be thankful for.

Well, have turkey to cook in the morning, so off to bed right now.  Will let you know how things work out tomorrow.  
Happy Thanksgiving to all.  
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The dance video was great - I only just got to it this morning.  Yesterday was busy.  The secret to it is the arms!!!  In almost any workout (I learned this from step class, I used to be an instructor) is adding arms.  When you add arms, you increase the cardio by about 40%.  Sooooo, if you are tired - drop the arms TEMPORARILY, but add them back in as quickly as possible.  

THERE.  That's my tip of the day.  

Gokuangel, I miss our chats!  I'll get it together maybe between Thanksgiving and Christmas.

Khendrick, you're doing soooo good.

Barb, there seems to be so many obstacles in your way right now, but you are persevering and we're pulling for you.  I pray your doctor is as persistent as you are.  Keep up the good work with your pedometer!

Skailark, as usual, you encourage us all.  What would we do without you?
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Twehner! Thanks for the wonderful tip. Now people take that down and memorize it..remember that everytime you do your cardio!
It is always cheerful to have you here with us!
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