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hEY Everyone! Today I have a physically demanding lower body workout for you!

This is going to be tough! Are you still game?

Let's find out who's got the most determination and stamina!

Okey people! I present - Squats for lean legs! Check this out - http://www.ranaesheart.com/2008/11/thanksgiving-weight-loss-challenge.html
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Oh, brutal! I did a combo kickboxing/step class this morning. Since the "official" instructions from the manufacturer of the injections I got for my knee yesterday says "no strenuous activity for "48 hours" (not even standing!), I'm not sure if this old girl could do those squat jumps. Heck, even without the shots, I'm not sure if I could do both class and that workout on the same day. But, those look awesome and I may try them tomorrow - we'll have to see. I haven't been doing much of anything on Sundays, sort of a day to recharge my batteries.
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Im actually here today! So last nite i was totally bad gave in to my burger craving *tisk tisk* i know but i knew if i was going to put that high calorie food in my mouth i must be willing to pay for it so today i got up right away did my 10 mins cardio then i did attempt your squats which like twehner said brutal!! but i did 2 sets of 10 on each one!! and best news i got my WII Fit hubby said he was tired of me complaining plus the stores are actually hiding them now until black friday so we got lucky and found one store that was willing to let us have it!! So I also did about 20-25 mins of work on it! It's pretty fun and according to it (I hope its right) i have lost 1lb and a half YEAH!!!
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Twehner - I know you are still 16 at your heart! You just keep showing us all that age is no barrier to success!

Goku- Well you are doing the right thing! If you are willing to pay the price for the high cal dinner, then so far you have done just right! Glad you are having great fun with the wii!

Poiund and half is fantastic result! So proud of you! Keep doing what you are doing ,the pounds wud add up to make you nearer to your goal!
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Gokuangel - Congrats on gettin gthe WII Fit.  I have it on my christmas list along with the Wii LOL.  

I ended up going to the gym for about an hour and worked on the elliptical and treadmill.  Was going to attempt the lower body workout but I am still so sore from yesterday.  Was doing all sorts of crazy stuff on exercise TV.  Now I am going to nap to get ready for my twelve hours of work.

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TY Skailark! I'm Hoping i didnt mess up my routine too much!! And that i will keep seeing results!!
Khendrick-TY! And GL i really hope you get your WII Stuff! They are selling like hot cakes right now!!
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No problem Goku! Keep up your good work!

Khendrick - With  a tight scedule you are still able to squeeze in some time for your exercise! I think that's fantastic! Just shows your commitment!

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Ok - I'm here again - no time for Wii Fit today and didn't wear my pedometer ,but does couple hrs grocrery shopping,  6+ hrs of housework (dusting, vaccuuming, scrubbing, etc) count??  Along with that, I'm doing laundry - bedding, so remaking beds, etc.  Pllleeeeaassee let it count cuz after a day of those things, I'd almost rather have worked at my daily job  plus Wii Fit - it probably wouldn't have been as hard.  Have a great evening.  Not losing weight, but still moving and giving it all I've got!!  See ya tomorrow.  
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Okey barb! you are excused for today! but make sure you get on that wii fit and log your exercise tracker! Your house work still counts! But as I said will be looking in to your exercise tracker tomorrow! So make me proud!

I am sure you are doing everything in your might to lose the weight. This is a patient game! The weight loss will follow soon!
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Hi there, Red reporting in.

A lot has went on last few days. My ankle is much better with the whole "take it easy" apporach. I checked out the killer squats. Sign me up for the stationary ones.

I have done my crunches as promised daily.

I have either done yoga, stationary stretching or walking this week.

Dont know how the progress is yet. Feel the same, scale had misfortunate accident so I am in the dark of progress until I go to work tomorrow.....my son used it to reach something in the bathroom and broke it....unless I weigh 40lbs but find this highly unlikely LOL

Have an awesome weekend.
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Hi Red!

I am very glad to hear you are feeling better on your ankle...thats good news!

Yes..definitely take it easy at this point until you feel 100 percent.

Crunches and Yoga are really kool!

But when you are fit you got to try the lean squats! they are burning hot!

You too have a great  Sunday!
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