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I am very concerned about my weight. I think that I weigh too much.
I am 4 foot 11 1/2 inces, almost five feet tall, 17 years old and I currently weigh 86 pounds. My sisters are always making fun of me, calling me fat, saying i need to lose weight and that I weigh too much, and i just want to know if I am at the right weight, or need to lose more possibly? I would really appreciate some feedback

thank you, Kerri
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Actually hun, I believe the ideal weight for your height and age, you should be 90 pounds. I think your right where you should be. Of course their will be people who tease you, but losing too much weight when your only 86 pounds may not be healthy. Don't risk your health trying to lose unnecessary weight. If it concerns you a lot, I'd speak to a doctor before you try to lose weight. My cousin is also 4'11'' and she weight 98 pounds. She doesn't look big at all. Some people are just being mean or like to tease. From your pictures you look normal to me. I don't think you need to lose any weight at all. Just my honest opinion.
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I found a height to weight ratio chart.  I copied just the portion that would apply to you.   Here's what it says:

Height       lbs
4' 11"   86 - 105  
5' 0"         90 - 110

At 4'11 1/2", I would say you could go anywhere between 86 and 110 lbs; therefore, you are currently at the low end of your range.  DON'T try to lose any weight - it wouldn't be healthy for you.  

Maybe your sisters are jealous of your small stature or something.  Don't listen to them.  
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I totalled the BMI for you and if I figured it right you are concidered underweight so please don't try to lose weight.
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But, hey!  We like you!!!  Stay on here and talk to us!  Maybe YOU could help US?!?!?  

Take care and tell us how you're doing - I have a big sister, too.  Of course, she's "OLD" now!!!
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Stay where you're at and let the caring people of this community and the height weight tables dictate your view of yourself.  Sometimes it is important to hear this and to encourage our brain to understand it, even if we don't always see it in the mirror.  It is extremely important so that a person does not develop an eating disorder on the low end of the scale.

Take good care of you .. and don't lose any weight; it could be detrimental to your health.

Very best wishes ..
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Thanks guys, but what about my stupid sisters? How am I ever suppose to feel good about myself. They are always me to me!! Im the youngest, and i know it is normal for a sister to be mean to a little sister, but they take it too far. They call me fat, ugly, and accident child. So, they pretty much just are jerks
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I was the youngest of 4 children and for some reason it was my brother who always teased me about being fat and about being an accident.  I don't know WHY he did this, but it made him feel better, bigger, more powerful somehow.  

Guess what?  He's 51 (I'm 44) and he's still a jerk most of the time!  My sister and I (she's 53) don't like him most of the time!  We love him because he's our brother, but we wouldn't go out and CHOOSE him as a friend.  (We had a brother who was a year-and-a-half younger than my other brother, but he died when he was 11.  He was not mean to me.  I came along 5 1/2 years after that brother.)

I tell people I've had a weight problem most of my life, but when I look at pictures of myself as a child, I WASN'T FAT!!!  The thing is, I wasn't a *skinny* kid, either, like most of my friends.  Comparing myself to my stick-thin friends AND having my brother call me fat (+ ugly and an accident or adopted!), only made for a very unhappy and under-confident child and then teenager.

I wish older siblings understood how much power they have on younger ones.  I like what Ranaesheart said to you in reference to height and weight charts: "Sometimes it is important to hear this and to encourage our brain to understand it."  You MUST try to do this and NOT listen to what immature and/or jealous sisters are telling you.  They may have issues of their own that is causing them to speak to you this way - something painful.  I hope not, but right now my focus is on you.  Take care and keep *talking* to us!  You're doing great!
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I'm the youngest of 7 and I went through the same thing.  I'm only 5' tall so everything I went over 90 lbs all my sibling could ever talk about was how much weight I'd gained.  

Guess what - I'm now 59 yrs old; still 5' tall and they STILL can't resist the urge say "boy you've really put on weight since the last time I saw you".  Only difference is now I've developed a thyroid problem and they are absolutely right - I HAVE put on a lot of weight since they last saw me!!  

It still bothers me that they do this, but when I take everything into consideration - mostly the fact that they are all lots more over weight than I am (and always have been), I look at it as THEIR problem, not mine.  

My point??  Twehner5 is right - maybe they have issues with themselves (like my sisters did) and they are projecting it onto you.  Or maybe they are just being jerks.  Be yourself and stay healthy.  

Also stay with us.  
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Thanks guys. Your probably right about my sisters. Man, if only youz could see just how mean they are to me. Thas wat makes me feel like **** is when the be mean to me. Also, I have been having other issues to. I see myself as Hugantic in the mirror. When i look in the mirror, all i see is an ugly person who is fat. I use to weight 110, and then i lost some due to listening to my sister put me down. I haven't been eating at all, and thas how i lost weight.
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You really don't want to do that (not eat).  It is unhealthy and will have repercussions you don't want to deal with.  We certainly enjoy your company, but there is also an Eating Disorders forum on MedHelp.  There might be some more specific help there.

You can look and see: http://www.medhelp.org/forums/show/165

But, that doesn't mean we don't still want you to post here, too!  Don't get discouraged today, though.  The forum is always slow on Saturday...

Please keep us informed, and don't destroy your health over comments made by others!  It's hard to listen to them, esp. when you live with them!  I like to think that's why you found MedHelp!  Stick around.
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OOPS, that should have said, "It's hard NOT to listen to them, esp. whe you live with them!"

I still think you found MedHelp (MH) for a reason.  SO GLAD YOU DID.  (((HUGS)))
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I'm so tired of being over weight!!! need help
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