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Day 2 - We Are Off And Running!

Well, the challenge is off to a flying start and there's no stopping us now!!!

You’re all doing a fantastic job and the excitement is in the air!!!

I told you there is always strength is numbers and you guys are really turning it on!

Here is your link for day two and let's get moving!

Link -     http://tinyurl.com/4bofnc
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Well, I am so proud. My birthday was Friday and it's so hard to avoid the birthday cake and ice-cream but I did. The family ate at Shatley Springs N.C. and I did eat what I wanted, I just watched the portions. It was so good and I could have easily over done it but I held it together. I managed to stick with it and still lose 0.5 lbs over the weekend. I am so motivated now!
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I have a slight cold soo im unable to do too much but i still did a lil of the excersises and i actually threw out my healthy eating this weekend not sure why i was doing really good but i can bounce back and i actually have so im glad for that :) i cant wait to  see results of this challange

good job murmmie30 resisting your own bday cake thats great keep up the good work
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Lost .4 of a lb. when I weighed in this morning.  And took a very sprightly walk for 40 minutes today at lunch.  Business dinner tonight so hoping I will hold strong.  This is working!
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the dance workout is a great idea. Even the kids get into it. We hit the bike trail today. I managed to walk 2 miles today.... yeah!  Also I am packing my lunch, I am not tempted at the cafe at work and also I have no hidden calories. Hope you all are doing well. Julie
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Love the dance workout, and the video testimonial was very inspiring. Feeling very positive as I am starting to feel my clothes  getting slightly looser - which is a great incentive on its own :-)
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Yeah..today was good.cleaned the barn..painted fence rows..And picked 5 bushel of apples...now thats a work out..bending and stretching.....gosh sounds like Im proud of a hard days work.
good luck to everyone..Eat healthy
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We are indeed making this happen! What an inspiring team of people we have here!
Way to go guys!
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For some reason, I had a little more energy today. Cleaned like a mad woman, worked out for 1 hr. took a 30 min. walk and 30 min. on stepper . Worked up a sweat, which I was surprised since I've been feeling so cold lately. Drank lots of water. Didn't eat very much today because I was too busy and only had vegetable soup and skim milk with some fruit.. Stepped on the scale and lost a pound. I'm now starving and the water and the carrot sticks just makes me want to hurl.
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you are funny!!  I know the hurl feeling.
hang in there
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Yep, my dogs food bowl is looking better than those stinking carrots. Oh, I'm hanging in there alright. Just tied a rope to my shower  curtain rod. LOL  Damn Dog!
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curtain rod isnt gonna do it!   HA    How about sugar free jello?  sometimes that feels pretty good..or SF applesauce with Non fat cool whip.   Just suggesting
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Sounds good, I keep forgetting about the jello.  It beats science diet (dog food) Ha Ha. Besides, I would never put my shower rod through such torture.LOL
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