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Would dehydration cause tachycardia, cracking bones, itchy dry skin, dry mouth and dry throat?

I have reason to believe I may be dehydrated.

I have had worsening symptoms but I have noticed along with my quick weight loss due to loss of appetite and stress, that I do not drink enough fluids and while I was anxious I sweated excessively and cried lot.  Now, when I cry, my tear ducts sting like crazy, I have a constantly fast heart rate, I am anxious and have neurological symptoms.  

I also have unequal pupils, but I DO remember getting that same problem over a year ago when I had a massive hangover!  

I only visit the bathroom maybe twice a day.  When I visit it more it is after alcohol.

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In addition I may add that I noticed over time that my pulse went up in April and has been getting worse, my hands look old - my palms have aged very quickly, I am struggling to get the right words out etc...  I am worse after having been sweating in the night.  My palms sweat a lot, but also I have noticed my body temperature has changed.  Though when I take my temp it is normal, it is relatively low.  I feel the cold a lot.  
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I would recommend seeing a cardiologist and an endocrinologist. I would also recommend drinking more water and adding in a great electrolite solution called " stamina". I hope you get well
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