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I have been getting down on myself lately.  I can't seem to string a long enough time together of exercise and good eating to lose any weight, I used to be a personal trainer and I even competed in fitness competitions, so I am so used to being in shape, I am married newly married, and my hubby is not into working out or eating healthy at all, I always used to have partners at the gym who were male or female and now I feel like no one is around anymore.  What should I do?  I can't stand looking at my body like this but I don't know how to get out of this rut.
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The most diffiult thing about looking after the outside is that unless your mental/emotional inside is in a  good place it just wont happen -  So if you are feeling depressed, and low you have too find a way to tackle that that does not involve weight loss or fitness.

As you were a personal trainer you know that the mental challenge is as hard if not harder than the physical one. So set yourself a timetable and a menu every Sunday for the week -  cross off the things you do as you do them and reward yourself for your efforts... gradually increase your time exercising and decrease your unhealthy food choices.

Why have you lost your gym partners? I used to go to the gym alone but always got chatting to people there. You have to find your individual motivation and  find a way to encourage yourself when no one is around.

Here is my advice to anyone wanting to lose weight and get fit and who does not know where to find the little steps:
Here is my advice to anyone wanting to lose weight.

1) Set yourself realistic weekly goals -  that should stop you feeling overwhelmed -  aim for a weight loss of 1-2lb a week -  sounds small but is achievable and anything you lose more than that will feel like a great bonus.

2) Write down everything that you eat - take the time to read the calories on the box, or weigh and research the calories. Set yourself a realistic daily calorie allowance -  I have mine set at 1800.

3) Keep an emotions journal -  keep it with you at all times and when you feel depressed or craving comfort food or any food write about it first -  usually by the time you do this you have come out of that immediate need to gratify yourself with food.

4) Try to drink 8oz of water every 90 mins that youa re awake -  this was hard for me as I don't drink enough normally so increasing it was tough and meant I spent the first 2 week on the loo weeing like crazy! but it works well to flush toxins out your body which help the body hang on to fat and glycogen!

5) Get a pedometer and set yourself a daily target for steps -  It took me 5 weeks to get up to the recommended target of 10,000 steps a day. For you it may be that you start at 3,000, and work up adding 500 a week till you can do 10,000.

6) Make sure you are in bed resting if not sleeping for at least 8 hours a night-  thats 8 hours with no stimulus like TV, game boys, books and 8 hours with no eating or drinking.

7) On a Sunday sit down and decide what you will eat teh next week, plan the menu and the shopping list. Stop buying the extras, the snacks, cakes, cookies, candy.

8) Get a weight tracker on here and chart your progress - use the journal feature to share with supportive friends on here your highs and lows and accept their advice and friendship and use it as crutches when you need to.

9) Allow yourself a little of what you fancy, occasionally. And build in a reward for a good week -  if you lose weight spoil yourself, if it has to be edible thats okay -  but could be a new item of clothing, a book, a DVD, make up, jewelery etc...

10)  Remember a bad day is not the end of the world -  each day is a new start -  infact each meal is a new chance.

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Thank you so much for your support it means a lot to me and I am glad you took all that time to be detailed as you were I am going to copy and paste this and print it out.  Very good advice thanks.
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It has become my rock - I have to motivate myself with goals... Good luck :)
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Read your post and have one question for you...

Do you still have the burning desire to change your life and those around you?

I hear a loud answer back, "Yes Of Course!" I know you are willing to go the miles and the distance. Only thing you now need is a spark.

Ask yourself how much you love yourself and your hubby. Make health a priority and slowly make little  changes that will make big differences. Set small realistic goals. They call it baby steps and it can be done. Make the effort and you will see the changes.

I know how discouraging it can be sometimes when you dont have the  motivation, but do not take your eyes off your goals. You will find plenty of support here.

You know the exercise routines.You know the workouts. You are here with an advantage and one you will be thankful for, that of having been a personal trainer.
Remember how you were the cheerleader when you were working in the gym and telling people to move their bums? I still bet you have that leaderership in you. All you have to do is dig deep within you and bring it out."There is still stuff in the basement!"

Share your journey with us. Not only will it help you get to where you want to be, but it will also help many others here take the initiative to excercise and get a move on!

In return you will find motivation, love and never-ending support and friendship here.
This place is all about helping each other. So  let us know when you have lost your first pound.We are waiting to party with you!
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Thank you for that powerful message.  I have now started to jog again, and through all my depression and manic feelings I am going to try to work on losing 1 pound at a time, I know that when I Jog it is different than going to a gym and seeing mirrors everywhere, it's just me and the road and no mirrors to judge.  
Thank you, I will keep this website up and it's people like yourself who keep the Karma of this website positive and I appreciate that.
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Denya! That's the spirit I am talking about! All of us here are friends and we always work together as a team! No matter waht we always stick together!
I know you can do this! I will be your cheer leader!  

Go Denya! Go!
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Hey Denya,

Support group and fantastic FREE videos are at mydietsolutions.com.

Just go to the forums, you DO NOT have to buy anything! In fact DON'T buy anything. Just go there and look at the forums and the DR Blog videos. He is a Diet Dr and I love watching his videos! There are great recipes and advice!

Keep it up! 1 pound a week! That is only 500 calories a day. YOU can do it!!!

All that is, cut out 250 calories one day and spend 30 minutes making love... You will have that 500 calories off for that day! LOL :-)
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Thank You again, I can't tell you how much it means to me to have this post to come to and write in my feelings and get positive responce back.  I will continue to make better decisions about eating and jogging before work cuz after work I'm much too tired.

I will check out that website thanks for the referral and thinking of me, I made Love tonight so maybe I burned off those 500 calories...(smile)
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Hi there........................First of all,i looked back at your pix...you look great! I see that you stated your weight at 143...i am sure alot of that is muscle! You look really toned.

Keep the jogging up.....the cool crisp air is refreshing first thing in the morning...plus it gets the heart a beating...and sets the mood for the entire day!

I am not sure how much you would like to loose.....i can tell you tho..you are at the right place....we are all here for the same reason............to get healthier and be the best we can be!

Best of luck .......you can do this! Keep yourself movtivated..one day at a time! Janice
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No, those pics were taken 5 years ago when I entered my first fitness competition.  Thanks for your compliments.  I wish I could get up in the morning I stay up until the morning (don't think that counts).  I really get down on myself when I see how bad my body has gotton, I always had a flat stomach and now it comes over my jeans a little it grosses me out, I can't stand it,  I know what to do, and I know that I know, it's just getting the drive back, I can't get the drive to be in shape back, hey maybe if I take a picture in a bikini it'll drive me real fast!  (smile).
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