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Diabetes & weight loss

Both my husband (82 years)and I (76 years) have Type Two Diabetes, since January 2001, he is a 'heart patient, is on prescribed "cardiac cocktail" -constantly complains, "no energy, don't feel like doing anything.";  I have advanced arthritis (1972); in the last 4 years I've had a colon re-section and four knee surgeries, including two arthroscopic and two Knee-joint replacements. We are weight conscious, as a rule breakfast is coffee w/ one tsp. sugar & one Tblspn. 1/2&1/2, toast (dry) with sugar-free jelly/jam, and two slices bacon;  a vegetable salad w/ 1 Tbs. dressing, and a moderate meal daily = veggies, fruit, lean meat, small desert, and very little exercise  = twice each week I do a 1-hour aquatic exercise and may walk .25 mile abut twice a week. While we both have stopped gaining weight, we are 25+ pounds overweight, our weight consistently 'rocks' within 5 pounds. Have you any suggestions, what else can we do?
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Are you using a food journal? Having a food jouranl and counting calories will cetainly help you undestand how much calories you are consuming everyday. It also helps you identify which food you shud avoid. Try using Calorieking.com to calculate calories.

Also is there way that both of you can atleast walk for 10- 15 everyday ?

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