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Diet with Hashimoto Disease

Please I would like some advise on how to control my weight. I have Hashimoto Disease a thyroid disorder. I seemed to grow regularly taking it off is something else. At 54 it isn't getting easier ..*smile*..

Four days a week my husband and I do the basic Pilate stretching exercise for 40 minutes. We also just started walking around the reservoir 4 times a week about a 2 to 2.5 walk. When not able to walk around the reservoir I walk on my walker for 20 minutes a good pace.

Food wise, we really eat healthy. Morning we have oatmeal with raisin and cinnamon with milk we do not add sugar or honey. We share a apple and a bannana and we have a tad of cottage cheese on a half tomatoe. Lunch we usually have a sandwich mostly peanut butter n jelly sometimes tuna etc. At night we mostly have a nice fresh salad and our meat dish. Meat us usually baked in the oven on racks or bar-b-que. I rarely go for seconds, we eat off the small dinner plates I think some call them salad plates anyway they are not the saucer size. I've been thinking maybe I should start eating off a saucer.

I drink lots of water.

Soda Pops, chips, cookies, candies, pie or cake as a whole I do not keep in the house on a regular basis.

At night I usually get a sweet tooth ..sigh.. I usually have a half a apple and some dates.

Any advice on how to keep my weight down?
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I am sorry, and not trying to be rude here... but it seems as though you only have one view and opinion on the topic of hashimotos thyroiditis -- I am wondering if you are a medical professional or have some kind of training and/or background? At this point I feel you are giving some people "off" information on hashimotos disease, and you keep referring to topics that you are finding online that side with your specific opinion. It is true that medical doctors are now discovering all new problems that have been arising with people who have hashi's disease and are linking it to celiac disease as well. Until you have specifically tried going gluten free then you really shouldn't be so opinionated about it. What these people are merely suggesting to you is: it has nothing to do with whether or not a person is allergic or sensitive to gluten, scientists are now reporting in new studies that EVERYONE who has been diagnosed with this disease IS sensitive whether they test positive or not. I am getting frustrated reading your constant opinions on those who are writing to help others, you don't seem to have an open mind on this topic and you keep arguing against them... According to research reported on in the medical journal Digestive Diseases and Sciences, a significant number of patients with autoimmune thyroid disease also have celiac disease. Celiac disease is a disorder that causes the intestines to react abnormally to gluten, a protein found in wheat, rye, barley, oats, spelt, kamut, and other related grains. The researchers studied 172 patients with autoimmune thyroid disease, and two control groups, and found that the 3.4% of patients with autoimmune thyroiditis had celiac disease, and the prevalence was only 0.6% and 0.25% among the control groups. The study also found that undiagnosed celiac disease may actually be part of the process that triggers an underlying autoimmune disease. In their findings they wrote: "We believe that undiagnosed celiac disease can cause other disorders by switching on some as yet unknown immunological mechanism. Untreated celiac patients produce organ-specific autoantibodies."

Of perhaps greatest importance to thyroid patients, the researchers found that the various antibodies that indicate celiac disease - organ-specific autoantibodies (i.e., thyroid antibodies) -- will disappear after 3 to 6 months of a gluten-free diet.

The researchers suggest that patients with autoimmune thyroiditis "may benefit from a screening for celiac disease so as to eliminate symptoms and limit the risk of developing other autoimmune disorders." This is important information for autoimmune thyroid disease patients (Hashimoto's Disease, Graves' Disease) , who are typically told that there is nothing that can be done to reduce antibody levels, or to improve the "autoimmune" aspect of their thyroid conditions. While some recent books have reported on the impact of diet and nutrition on antibody levels, this RESEARCH demonstrates SCIENTIFICALLY how diet may in fact have a major role in autoimmune reactions.
This statement right here alone is going against what you were telling SharonLeeJ... and to top it off, the reason I went gluten free is because MY OWN doctor told me all about celiac disease linking with hashi's and more and more doctors are recommending it everyday... and of course this is nothing you HAVE to do... your doctor recommends you to stop smoking cigarettes too, does this mean I can smoke all I want because he doesn't tell me that 100%  I have to STOP?? (just sayin)... and I am someone who has much medical background and I think that the responsible choice here is to do whatever you can to lower your risks of potentially gaining another autoimmune disease by disillusioning yourself to knew research because it's not the "norm" or hasn't been "proven".. it may seem unconventional to you, but I will have you know that they are teaching continuing education to Medical Professionals on this subject all the time. It has to start somewhere... and ten years down the line when they do prove this with science (as they are coming close to doing) I really hope you wont be straying people away from the benefits of no gluten because of your opinions alone. This is something that people are becoming medically aware of and I would recommend you becoming familiar with some of this too. Try researching this topic online, get familiar with new medical journals on autoimmunities, digestive and thyroid diseases, read up on all types of opinions and experience things for yourself by experimenting with your body... and if your doctor is against this, try getting a new one. Best of luck to everyone going through this disease, I have struggled with it myself, and always keep your minds open to suggestions and new technology. We discover new things everyday!
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You're more than welcome to your opinion; and I'm sorry you feel that I'm leading people astray.  That would never be my intention.  I do not have a closed mind, nor do I expect everyone to follow my suggestions, and I've never said they should.  Everyone should do what's best for them; whatever they, and their doctor, decide, based on their symptoms and lab work.

You said "Of perhaps greatest importance to thyroid patients, the researchers found that the various antibodies that indicate celiac disease - organ-specific autoantibodies (i.e., thyroid antibodies) -- will disappear after 3 to 6 months of a gluten-free diet."  Of course, antibodies that indicate celiac will disappear within 3-6 months....... celiac antibodies attack gluten (take away the gluten, the antibodies have nothing to attack), they don't attack the thyroid; that's only done by thyroid antibodies.

You also said "The researchers suggest that patients with autoimmune thyroiditis "may benefit from a screening for celiac disease so as to eliminate symptoms and limit the risk of developing other autoimmune disorders." This is important information for autoimmune thyroid disease patients (Hashimoto's Disease, Graves' Disease) , who are typically told that there is nothing that can be done to reduce antibody levels, or to improve the "autoimmune" aspect of their thyroid conditions."

First off, the researchers are merely "suggesting"; and I don't disagree.  When a person gets one autoimmune disease, it's quite common for them to eventually have one or more others; therefore, I totally agree that being screened for celiac "may benefit" them. I've never said it wouldn't.

Whenever a person suspects they may have celiac, they, should, by all means be tested for it, and if shown to have celiac, they, should, by all means go g/f.  I've never said they shouldn't. I simply tell them that I have seen no conclusive scientific evidence to prove that going g/f will lower thyroid antibody counts for EVERYONE with autoimmune thyroid disease.  

I actually KNOW people who have gone g/f and it did nothing to lower their antibody counts.  I know one person who actually got ill from going g/f when it wasn't needed.

Here's what I told SharonLeeJ:  'If you are allergic to gluten, then by all means switch to a g/f diet."  Please explain how that's going against anything you wrote or how it may be leading someone astray.

There most certainly ARE those people who absolutely need to go g/f.  I've never said that "no one" should ever do it, because that would be just as *wrong* as someone saying that EVERYONE who has autoimmune thyroid disease MUST go g/f.  

I am very well aware that there are certain books, one in particular, out there that advocate g/f for everyone with autoimmune thyroid disease.  I'm also aware that there are many doctors who are advocating a particular protocol; however, the "medical profession" being educated on this protocol are mostly chiropractors and naturopaths, who provide vitamins/minerals and other products obtainable from only one source.   As I said before, I have never seen actual scientific data to back up this protocol.

The research you sited studied only 172 patients; this is not a significant number AND it says "We believe that undiagnosed celiac disease can cause other disorders by switching on some as yet unknown immunological mechanism. Untreated celiac patients produce organ-specific autoantibodies."  I'd have to see the actual study data, but by wording it the way they did (i.e "We believe"), I'd suggest that their study was inconclusive.  Until they find the "unknown switch" and prove that celiac causes other autoimmunes, I'll have to stick to my belief, that going g/f is not for everyone.

While I am open to new ideas and treatments, I have a distinct aversion to "across the board" thinking.  There ARE many people with autoimmune thyroid disease who also have celiac and must go g/f.  There are also those who have autoimmune thyroid disease and do NOT have celiac. I also know people who have celiac and do NOT have autoimmune thyroid disease.

Every case must weighed on its own merits and what's right for you may not be right for me and visa versa.  I have never, and will never, tell someone not to go g/f if their medical condition demands it; however, neither will I ever tell someone that "just because you have autoimmune thyroid disease, you must go g/f.  

Once again, I'm not closed to new ideas or treatments; I "am" closed to "across the board" thinking.

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"It is true that medical doctors are now discovering all new problems that have been arising with people who have hashi's disease and are linking it to celiac disease as well."

Please provide specific references, other than what we all know...that once you have one autoimmune, you're more likely than the general population to develop another..

"Until you have specifically tried going gluten free then you really shouldn't be so opinionated about it."

I have Hashi's and was g/f (scrupulously) for about a year (I did it for reasons other than Hashi's).   I saw absolutely no change in my antibody count, symptoms or thyroid meds intake.  While it may be possible that a g/f diet might help in some stages of Hashi's, it's certainly a long stretch to contend that all of us, in all stages of Hashi's, benefit from a g/f diet.

"According to research reported on in the medical journal Digestive Diseases and Sciences, a significant number of patients with autoimmune thyroid disease also have celiac disease."

This is just telling us what we've known for years...once you have one autoimmune disease, you are more susceptible to another.  There are more people with Hashi's that also have RA, PA. lupus, etc. also.  Is this due to a genetic predisposition, an environmental trigger or is there a causal relationship between them?  We don't know.

"Of perhaps greatest importance to thyroid patients, the researchers found that the various antibodies that indicate celiac disease - organ-specific autoantibodies (i.e., thyroid antibodies) -- will disappear after 3 to 6 months of a gluten-free diet."

Please provide specific reference, once again.

"While some recent books have reported on the impact of diet and nutrition on antibody levels, this RESEARCH demonstrates SCIENTIFICALLY how diet may in fact have a major role in autoimmune reactions."

Once again, links, please to this "scientific evidence".

Follow the money trail...this is big business, and some very savvy marketers have discovered that "a lie repeated frequently enough becomes the truth".  Obviously, the internet allows that lie to be propagated with lightening speed.  Hashi's is a can of worms for a number of reasons:  1) thyroid test reference ranges are severely flawed because many hypos were in the original "normal" population, 2) many (most?) doctors subscribe to the theory that once in range, anywhere in range, the patient is no longer hypothyroid.

No one has shown me any specific studies suggesting that celiac CAUSES Hashi's, much less that non-celiac gluten intolerance does.  Yes, more people with celiac also have Hashi's than people without, but that does not prove CAUSE.  

I think there are lots of "medical professionals" out there poised to take advantage of desperate patients.  

Most of the evidence for a g/f diet improving Hashi's is anecdotal, and even that is painfully slim.  Since you've struggled with Hashi's yourself, perhaps you'd care to post the results of your antibody tests before and after a g/f diet.  Bear in mind that antibody counts vary wildly, even intraday, so unless those antibodies are ELIMINATED, I will not be impressed.    
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Why is it that you people get so defensive? Jut let people give their opinions without attacking others. There is no reason to start replying others just because you disagree, you had your chance to writte your opinion then let others writte theirs.  This is just ridiculous when people like me are trying to find information and then we just get stuck on the middle of your arguments and disagreements. Grow up people.
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Sorry if you think it's "defensive" to reply to others with a differing opinion.  

We have been through this topic extensively on the thyroid forum, and my personal opinion is that a very savvy marketer is trying to take advantage of desperate patients and making big bucks in the process.  

All of this g/f diet benefitting Hashi's is in the realm of theory, not science.  I think it's important for everyone to realize that.

I'm open to the theory if there's anything behind it.  So far, not one proponent of the theory, including the theorist himself, has given me an iota of science to go on.  Yes, please, cite references...I'll read them.

You're "stuck in the middle" of our arguments because this is a controversial topic.  Would you prefer we let you think that opinion is fact?  
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Here we go... see this is why I posted in the first place... obviously Im not more than welcome to my aopinion and neither was anyone else. I'm not posting to bicker... I was trying to find information on my disease, I have been going to N.M.D;s, physicians, endocrinologists, etc. I found this site looking up information, as I began reading, here are these people writing their opinions talking about what has helped them, what their doctors have suggested etc.. and I saw one main person attacking every opinon posted bc it wasnt what they believed... which is what I would expect to have done to me, but it was just extremely frustrating to read these constant "knock downs" of others opinions... I HAVE gone gluten free by the way (and I dont have celiac disease either). It helped wonderfully for me as every other patient that comes through my clinic and along with my naturopathic physician, and friends. I noticed and extreme difference in the way I felt and after 3 months of going gluten free and taking ashwagandha and selenium my antibodies have become pretty much non-existant. My RT3 levels have dropped, I have tons more energy, I have lost weight, and I feel 100%. & P.S.... I did g/f all for free, I haven't paid a dime out to anyone, so this is not marketing or politics... its medical!  and also, look to the journal of Digestive Diseases... bc everything that I put quotations around came straight from that journal, along with the National Library of Medicine, so go argue with them about science and research!
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and just saying all this bc it helped me, Ive seen so many others it has helped, and if someone else were to get the information from my post and it helped them, well... thats what all this is for right??? Not everyone is going to be like the next, so good luck to the both of you, hope it all works out!
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I speak from experience.  I have Hashi's, and I was g/f for almost a year, scrupulously so.  My thyroid condition has been stable and nicely controlled on meds for several years now.  It was MY experience that a g/f diet did nothing for my antibody count or my symptoms (which were non-existent when I went g/f).  BTW, I went g/f for reasons other than thyroid.  For me, g/f was not a positive experience.  It contributed to other g/i issues that I developed after being on the g/f diet for a while.

I don't think it's "bickering" to present a case that differs from your experience.  You present your "case study" and I present mine.  People reading this thread can then make more of an informed decision on whether of not they want to try

You are obviously in the health care business, and I'm sure that due to professional courtesy, you have not paid a dime for your treatment.  For the vast majority of people, this is an expensive protocol and often not covered by insurance.

I have read the study from the Journal of Digestive Diseases and Sciences.  All that particular study determined was that once you have an autoimmune disease, you are more likely than the general population to develop a second, etc.  We've known this for years.  We'd expect more people with Hashi's to also have celiac, lupus, RA, PA, etc.  

If you have celiac, this is a no-brainer...you have to be scrupulously g/f for the rest of your life.  Let me also say, that if you feel better g/f, then I am all for it.  I only have a problem with g/f as it applies to Hashi's.  "...EVERYONE who has been diagnosed with this disease (Hashi's - my clarification)  IS sensitive whether they test positive or not."  Certainly, the JDDS study didn't even address this issue...it dealt only with people with both Hashi's and celiac.  Beyond that, the authors "felt" that a g/f diet would eliminate antibodies.  That's a pretty lukewarm endorsement.  It seems to me that in the 10+ years since that study was published that the "feeling" could have been solidified with more research.  Furthermore, the statement is obviously unture...a g/f diet did nothing to help me feel in any way better, so I am proof that "everyone" is not sensitive.

"...and just saying all this bc it helped me, Ive seen so many others it has helped, and if someone else were to get the information from my post and it helped them, well... thats what all this is for right???  As with everything else in medicine (life), there are differing opinions.  I think what "this is for" (the forum) is to help people make an informed decision, make them aware of controversies within the medical community and help them navigate the medical community to feel the very best they can.  We all arrive at that differently and a miriad of factors influence what works for each of us.  Very little applies to "everyone".        
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Sorry, I've been offline the past couple days, so haven't had time to respond, again.

Goolarra has pretty well covered all the bases, regarding scientific data, etc, so there's not much point in reiterating what both she and I have already said, as well as what I've been saying throughout the entire thread.

I stand by what I've said in nearly every one of my posts on this thread -- if a person has celiac, or some other issue that necessitates a g/f diet, or simply chooses to try it, then by all means, that's what they should do.  

What you are interpreting as "knock downs", is simply pointing out that there is no "one size fits all", when it comes to treating Hashimoto's/hypothyroidism, so, as I said in my first comment to you - "I have a distinct aversion to across the board thinking".

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I am not caeliac, and I have at, no expense, discovered that when losing weight with hashi's a gluten/carb free approach can be succesful, it has been for me... perhaps when putting forward your argument you should approach it a little differently.. from your photo it looks as though you may have a significant amount of weight to lose! perhaps you could back up your argument by giving this approach a try? you may find that your weight does reduce??
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I don't think I have to "back up" anything - I've said all along that if going g/f works for you, go for it, but it is by no means "necessary" for "everyone" with Hashi's to go on a g/f diet, as has been asserted in some of the posts on this thread.

This thread is for the purpose of discussing whether or not going g/f is right for everyone with Hashi's, so that people reading it can see both sides of the issue; your criticism of my photo, is out of line.

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I'll "put up" (again)...why do you ignore my actual experience?

I think you're missing the point here.  Of course, a g/f diet will work for some people with Hashi's who would like to lose weight.  The point is that this does NOT apply to EVERYONE with Hashi's.  As I said, I'm living proof.  My antibody count didn't change while g/f, nor did my symptoms, nor did my meds intake, nor did my weight (I wasn't trying to lose weight).  

I'm sure that you and Phannie24 are aware that there are those promoting a g/f diet and an esoteric protocol as a panacea for Hashi's.  As with everything else to do with Hashi's, the response to this is very individual.

The implication has been that a g/f diet will eliminate the need for meds and will eliminate antibodies.  While the word "cure" is never spoken, it doesn't take a rocket scientist to extrapolate that "elimination of antibodies = cure".

Once again, if it works for you, do it, by all means.  The objection I have is indicating that it's for EVERYONE with Hashi,s and that all Hashi's are gluten intolerant, whether they test so or not (how convenient).

Even in the "g/f bible" itself, the author acknowledges that some people's thyroids are already too damaged by Hashi's for his protocol to help much.  That seems to me an admission that it's NOT essential for EVERYONE with Hashi's.  

Before any weight loss program is going to work for someone with Hashi's, thyroid hormones have to be adjusted properly FOR THAT INDIVIDUAL.  This does not mean just getting labs into reference range, but actually optimizing them for the individual, which means eliminating their symptoms, one of which is INABILITY TO LOSE WEIGHT.  Once symptoms have been eliminated, any weight loss protocol that has worked for the person in the past will work again.
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I don't recall mentioning eating this way as a cure?? Normally I would not write this way, but my main purpose of my post was to show you how others feel when you address them the way you do.. The problem is not in what you are saying, but in how you are saying it! You come across very conceited and a know it all..
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oh and i'm sorry but i read through all the posts and don't remember you saying that you had eaten gluten free? sorry i missed it!

To those who are not so closed minded to a carb/gluten free diet.. I am absolutely amazed at how much my energy levels have increased, even though my thyroid levels are still all over the place (contrary to what others have been saying, weird??).. the odd day that i have eaten gluten/carbs i have returned to feeling as i did before ever considering this approach (so def not because i have created problems with gluten from not eating it??) I have also managed to lose weight and am now within my healthy weight range :)
I have heard from some that eating alot of eggs due to cholestorol issues relating to thyroid can be bad, but i have found my high protein approach which includes alot of eggs, has actually reduced my cholesterol??. I would urge anyone that is feeling just about ready to give up to try this aapproach (alongside your medications). I have tried eating the "traditionaly" healthy way.. but it did not work! I am no professional, but just like others have read many websites and books about this condition And I am soo greatful to have found something that works.. The only evidence other than myself and the websites/books that inform us about this approach is my support group.. 12 out of the 23 in my group tried this eating apprach, every single one of them reported positive results including increased energy levels, weight loss, less swelling of abdomen, feet , legs, improvement to hair, nails and skin ( i should mention here that we all icuded alot of fish, nuts, avacado for omega 3 fats) Yes i definately agree that ths approach is NOT for everyone.. but don't knock it til you try it!
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I guess you are addressing me, since you've, seemingly, chosen to ignore goolarra's personal experience with going g/f.

I'm wondering if you really did read the entire thread.  If you had, you would have known that it really has little to do with weight loss; the majority of the posters "for" the g/f diet maintain that going g/f will lower the antibody count, which, as goolarra said, "implies" a cure for Hashimoto's, and we all know, there is none.  

I find it curious that you only joined MH within the past few days, found (and posted only on) this thread and chose to attack me right off the bat.  I'm also curious as to how you know exactly "how others feel when you address them the way you do".

I guess it doesn't matter how I feel when YOU address ME this way.

I am happy to know that you don't normally write this way.  

I'd like to remind you that personal attacks/name calling are not allowed in any MedHelp forum or group, and you have done that, so maybe you'd like to take this off the open forum and send me a PM to let me know how you think I should present my argument in a more acceptable (to you) manner.

Oh.........I just noticed that you posted while I was typing.... you say you have read the entire thread........ but again, I have to wonder if you did, for the same reason I stated above.  I also have to wonder if your "support group" sent you to this thread for the purpose of attacking me.

To answer your question, no, I haven't gone g/f, because I do try to follow doctor instructions and when I mentioned g/f, my doctor specifically instructed me NOT to........ whole grains are an important part of a healthy diet and if there's no allergic reaction to gluten there's no point in g/f....

I can't help wonder if the reason some of the participants in your support group reported positive results, including yourself, had more to do with adding the fish, nuts, Omega 3, which all help alleviate symptoms, than eliminating gluten...... you might be surprised to know that I eat the same things....... oh, btw -- eggs are a personal favorite...... they provide protein that keeps me going longer, plus they provide calcium and vitamin B12, which is always welcome to me, since I have both osteopenia and pernicious anemia and always hope to absorb "something".

I'm sure you're also aware that "not all carbs are created equal", so advocating "limited carbs" is not always the best thing to do, because veggies and whole grains are chock full of *complex* (good) carbs that take longer for the body to break down and actually help with weight loss.......

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yes that is why  i mentioned the omegas, as they are great for hair, skin, etc and that was our other goal! and im sorry that i did not make myself clear but i DO eat vegies, but only have carrot and peas 1-2 times a week. And i also eat nuts and grains, just not in bread! The othe half of my group did NOT change their eating habbits and they had no changes! And no i am not aware if anyone in the support group is on this website.. i discovered it by googling thyroid diets as i wanted to see if there was any other ways i can improve my wellbeing. Everyone who has asked about eliminating carbs you have said the same thing to.. perhaps you could give those a chance to say how it HAS worked to those asking, rather than give the same info over and over... your doctor may have said ths, but, there are many endo's out there who recommentd otherwise.. i understand that as people get older they become more closed to change, but if we did this then we would never have discovered the advances in medicine that we see today! Having an underactive thyroid, or in my case a non working thyroid is difficult, i think we should be encouraging others to try new thngs, so as to discover ways we can improve our health.. and yes is was the first forum i came to as i googled 'losing weight with hashimotos' and it brought me directly to this page... i came here for help and a  found your posts quite offensive and closed minded.. i was looking for  positivty and encouragement not someone telling people that if they dont need to they shouldnt try something! I would have thought anyone with hashimotos and  the awful side affects due to it causing an underactive thyroid, would be wanting to give ANYTHING a go (wthin boundaries of course).. If anyone out there is still interested in trying to lose weight the way i have id love to help.. If anyone out there is eaing a different way and its working in there favour, i'd love to hear about it.
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and from previous posts i am obviously not the only person offended by your posts
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sorry i made a mistake in my post where i sad i eat grains.. i do not eat grains bt replce them with other good sources of fibre and protein
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Perhaps you would have gotten a better response if you'd have started a new thread, stating your case and asking for ideas, rather than latching onto this old one and attacking me in the manner you have.  

I've sent you a PM, and will no longer respond to your comments on this thread.

Good luck
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i dont believe i asked you to respond???
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It is true that most people with Hoshimoto's also have a gluten sensitivity. My doctors put me on a gluten free diet to help manage the symptoms of my hoshimotos and it has helped so much. Before going gluten free I ate pretty well, excersised and average of 40 minutes 6 days a week, and continued to gain weight. I went gluten free 2 months ago and have changed nothing else. I am already off of my antidepressant I had been taking since age 19 (I'm 32 now) and down 12lbs. I have not been placed on any medication for my hoshimotos yet because although I have goiter, nodules, and many other symptoms my tsh indicates I am not technically hypothyroid yet. I hope that my experience helps anyone who was considering going gluten free for hoshis. I have not given up dairy and eat lots of cheese :)
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I should also add that my doctor was very honest with me in telling me that around 80% of hoshi's patients have the sensitivity so going gf will not help 100% of hoshi's patients. The other apprx 20% of people it will do nothing for. Anyone considering it to help manage their hoshi's or weight loss goals should really discuss it with their doctors. An unwarranted dramatic diet like this could potentially be damaging to someone who doesn't need it.
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I have been diagnosed with Hashimotos over 10 years ago. My doctor is able to keep my antibodies low with the correct dosis of hormones. I have it adjusted many times, and I have a complete blood test every 6 months.
I had success loosing weight with a g/f diet and also with the tarditional calorie counting method. G/F is pretty hard to start, but it is ok after you get used to it. I'm going to go back to it now after the Holidays.
Exercising is essential for any diet to be successful, especially for us with Hashimoto.The only difference between us and the non-hashimoto people is that they can afford not to watch what they eat. I lost myself during this year (a hard one for me), and gained 20 lbs. I know that is going to be harder to loose it them it was to gain it, but diet + cardio exercise for at least 45 min 5 times per week + weight training work.
There's no magic: be active, eat healthy, and have your meds. Stick to the plan for at least a month and you will start to see results that will keep you going for another month, and so on.... once you reach your ideal weight, you will not loose more.
So, wish me luck (and perseverance) on my 20 lbs goal.
Happy New Year!

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Why not sign up for the new Weight Loss Challenge?....... starts tomorrow.  We help and support each other.

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I like to read what I can eat! Is there anybody with an example of a diet?
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This is such an old thread, it's unlikely that any of the previous posters will respond.  If you're looking for a gluten free diet, you can try googling it; there are all types of diets/books, etc available.
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I don't think this is correct. Digeorge syndrome is a chromosomal defect causing partial or entire deletion of the 22nd chromosome. It may be a lot of people with Digeorge have Hashimotos but not vice versa. . My step sister and nephew both have Digeorge syndrome and its array of medical problems that come with it- heart defect, soft palate issues, mental illness, autism, etc.
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Hi I too have Hashi's with hypo.  I just lost 109lbs last year.
Drop the Gluten completely.  Stop eating any processed foods.  Drop the hidden sugars (peanut butter is also an allergen).  Drop corn from your diet.  The lbs will fall off.  Make veggies a priority.
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I am 15 and I have a none working thyroid but because of my age i am not able to get medication... Any suggestions ?
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I am 15 and I have a none working thyroid but because of my age i am not able to get medication... Any suggestions ?
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Why can't you get medication for your thyroid condition?  Are you seeing a doctor?  Don't your parents see to it that you have proper medications?  

What thyroid condition do you have?
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A good nights sleep is one of the MOST important things to get when trying to loose weight on any diet and especially if you have Hoshimoto's or Hypothyroidism.  It IS an Autoimmune disease above all else.  In this it is the cause of the two diseases above.  The problem is that they do not know how to STOP the body from attacking itself because they have yet to isolate the reason the body truns against its good cells.  Much like HIV/AIDS, and Cancer.   So the Thyroid meds we take simply replace the hormones that are in less quantity or rendered ineffective due to the attack.

I have had Hoshimoto's over 20 years.  I get tested every 3 months (better time frame to correct levels if difficult to control) because the levels for me are so hard to maintain despite my extreme dietary monitoring (exercise is always the best to keep everything in balance,  and if depressed exercise 20 min. and you can literally change your mood from the added endorphins).

It sounds Barb, as if you are in the defense mode all the time and that you are not willing to look at your own issues.  Instead you defend your opinion as if it is the only one on the thread(s) that is "Correct" and if we do not accept your opinion we are wrong or re-directed to a web page that should support you and your opinion.  You sound generally very unhappy, and I suggest the you figure out what in your own daily regement is incorrect in its balance, OR you know just enough to be dangerous to others, as the saying goes.  Either way its all worth investigating and I encourage everyone to do their own due dilligence. Be honest with yourself on eating habits and with the Docs or you will not have the result you seek.

There is actual medical data that suggests that one of the issues in regards to the inability to lose weight with Hoshimoto's is something no one here seems to understand.  The issue being that there is an actual chemical change in the brain once the thyroid goes inactive that makes one crave carbs, so hense the push for the freshe veggies, etc.  And the cooking of some of the veggies is so that the sugars are broken down prior to consumption so that we do NOT store them instead of  breaking them down ourselves.  

The Endo. doc I have seen has stated I can eat a twig or a turkey, if you have Hoshimoto's the main result for most is that your body sees a steak and a piece of cake as sugar, and no one has spoken much about being Pre-metobolic (which is also a side effect along with somewhat elevated cholesterol levels which should also be monitored since it can create high blood pressure.  I say can because my cholesterol is over 300 but blood pressure is 90/60), and the seriousness of taking thyroid meds at the same exact time each day (its a fickle med) and to make sure that the foods that inhibit absorbtion need to be eaten/taken as the doc prescribes away from the time meds are taken.  If you do not follow such directions the meds are rendered useless, as is your money to purchase them.

To the person that started on the meds for hypothyroidism and now cannot stop losing the weight, please follow up and make sure nodules or thyroid gland itself has not turned and become cancerous...ultrasounds and biopsies can be performed.  Hint: needle to numb neck to take the biopsy is bigger than the one to actually perform the biopsy, so only get stuck once and be tough! The fear of having it done is worse than the actual proceedure if you are needle squeemish (not sure on that spelling for those checking/correcting, lol :-)

Again I say Barb, you don't sound like you want to try anything new or you believe ONLY what your doc tells YOU and you sound like you are trying to convince others that their suggestions are a waste of time or incorrect because YOU did not suggest them (each body is different as you have said and just because your doc says there is no need to go gluten free doesnt mean for YOU he is correct!  They don't call it "PRACTICING MEDICINE" for grins and giggles!), or you are in serious denial that the medical world will come up with an effective solution for dealing with such a volital disease.  Yes it IS an auto immune disease but so is HIV/AIDS and they are getting a good handl on that with great proven results!  It will take time to find a better way to control our Thyroid Hormone levels and it WILL come, so in the mean time lets control our temper levels.  If you are so defensive and angry I suggest to Barb, move your level check appointments to  every 3 months you may have something off.(good idea if you suspect hypothyroidism/Hoshimoto's too)

As a side note:Check your drug interactions. Many have binding ingredients(wheat/soy etc.) that may prohibit the absorbtion of the thyroid meds. (PIG thyroid replacement is NOT a good choice if you have stubborn levels that won't stay consistent,  per the Endochrine Doc)  also,  I was taking replacemtent hormones (for a hysterectomy done some14 years ago) and both docs said they shoud not interfere with one another, yet I could not sleep, was on an oxygen concentrator, gained weight again, had night sweats (those came back after menopause 7 yrs ago), heart palpatations and was extremely moody.  I got off the Estrogen hormone replacement, lost the sweats, palpatations etc and dropped 10 lbs in a month.  

I wish you all promising success on diagnosis, treatment, and weight loss if that is your goal.  Try to stay focused on a healthy lifestyle from within and not so much the picture in the mirror so much, inside is what counts as to who you really are.  Best Regards   Mara
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I will say what I've said throughout this entire thread............. We are all different, and what's right for one is not necessarily right for EVERYONE.

The only thing I am against, is "across the board" declarations about any one treatment.  If you read the entire thread, you know that's been my argument throughout throughout the whole thing.  

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Iodine is a hot supplement these days. Many people and practitioners have come to value iodine's therapeutic potential, especially for breast and uterin fibroids. Iodine is also vital to thyroid function, as it is a major cofactor (like you said) and stimulator for the enzyme TPO. However for the person with Hashimoto's its like throwing gasoline onto a fire. Here is why. As indicated before iodine is a stimulator for TPO, this in turn increases the levels of TPO antibodies dramatically. Hashimoto's most commonly accures when the immune system attacks TPO. This of course is undesireable since TPO is the enzyme in the thyroid responcible for thyroid hormone production. So it is advised that people with Hashimoto's avoid iodine suppliments.  Furthermore, studies show that when iodine supplimentation is used to correct iodine deficiency in countries such as China, Turkey and Sri Lanka, the rates of autoimmune thyroid disease increase. Iodine supplementation isn't causing Hashimoto's per se, but it does seem to be a triggering factor.  We also have to remember that Hashimoto's isn't a disease that stems from the thyroid. It is an autoimmune disease IN the body to which one of its symptoms are the attacks of the enzymes and tissue of the thyroid. Hyper/hypothyroidism is a disorder that stems from the thyroid.  In addition to a gluten-free diet, and supporting over all health, avoiding iodine supplements is another strategy for preserving thyroid tissue.
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Has it worked?
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Changed your prescription to Amour Thyroid. after 6 long years on lyvoxyl at 225 and no results at all, because i kept feeling all the same symptoms still you know: fatigue, sleepy, tired, brittle hair, always cold, and gain a pound every time a breathe in. in 3 months  with Amour Thyroid i feel human again, i haven't changed my diet (i  stay away from sugar, carbs, drink lots of water, and consume loads and loads of fiber) these are all the things i used to do while taking levoxyl as well but never helped. with Armour i haven't changed my diet, i don't exercise (i have no time I work full time and go to school full-time) i've lost 10 lbs but the crazy thing its that i look like i lost 20lbs but on the scale it says 10lbs only. i don't look bloated anymore. give it a try. you doctor might give you a lot of crap, but i think it's because it's cheap and they probably don't make any money by prescribing a natural medication for this disease. they think it's funny keeping us all sick. i use to pay $10 for levoxyl (with insurance of course) now i pay $2 for Amrour and i would pay anything because that medication really works.
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Thanks to all of you for the wonderful and valuable information you are sharing.  Each of us seems to have similarities and differences in how Hashimotos and or other thyroid issues are affecting us.  
I was diagnosed 3 years ago with Hashimotos but only started on Levothyroxine a few months back.  Looking back in time I beleive I've had thyroid issues for most of my adult life.  I am now 47....wish i had known so much more a lot sooner.  
I wanted to comment on the celiacs and other food issues....I don't have celiacs, but thought I did years ago....tests came back negative at that time.  But...low and behold, I went in this past Fall for a series of allergy tests (thinking I was allergic to cherries) and found I tested positive for allergies to corn..rice...oats....pork, chicken, beef and turkey!!!  Yikes!  
I have differing views from the doctors on living with this new found info.  But in my own battle to delete items it has been tough.  Corn is found in most everything that is packaged.  Convenience isn't a word I can live by anymore.  If I do eat corn, I get severely tired and feel awful....(must be the attack it causes on the thyroid) (read that back in a thread somewhere).
I seem to tollerate beef, chicken and turkey in small amounts from time to time.....(someone joked that the allergy is because they are "cornfed".  )  funny.    Rice causes instant swelling in my throat, oats give me severe stomach pain and diahrea...corn seems to be the tiredness and bloating and heart palpitations.  Oats cause that too.    Pork gives me severe heartburn within minutes of eating it.  So as much as I love bacon, I know the price is too painful to pay.  I just enjoy the smell.  (sux).  :(  Not that I wrote to complain, but I wonder if all these food issues go back to the thyroid and to the autoimmune disorder I have.  
Oh, and I'm not allergic to wheat and other grains....which is a blessing, though the only bread products I've found with no oats or corn by products in them are in the organic section and are Ezekial breads.  Love them!  
Good luck to all out there.  You are not alone in your struggles.  Keep up the faith and fight.  Enjoy life  :)
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oo I

I too have Hashi's and gave up gluten last year hoping to feel better. And I did. I lost the stubborn 7 pounds I had gained and my energy came back. I gave up fruit, glutten, sugars, dairy. I pretty much ate eggs, lean protein, pure oatmeal, brown rice and veggies.
Then, 7 months later,,, the weight started to creep back on. I have been suffering from bloating and swelling again, and when they checked my numbers my antibodies doubled. Went from 1000 to 2050. Very high. I still eat clean, work out  reg., but cannot lost a pound!! Any suggestions??
My TSH is 1.5 ( a little high and my T3/T4 is a little high too.. my doc just added T3 med to my Armour.)  Just started a few weeks ago, so hoping metabolism will kick in again.
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Excellent Advice - Thank you -I am going to try it too.
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I have had Hashimotos for over 20 years, I have tried many diets over the years,last year I bought Chris Powells book followed his diet and lost 30# in 2 months. It's easy to follow, he does not have the disease but explains alot about food and health. I love food and love to eat and this is the only diet I have ever done where the weight has stayed off.
5237385 tn?1365447710
I have been diagnosed with Hashimoto in August, 2008 and with Graves soon after. I also have a small nodule: it is small but painful. As my endocrinologist predicted, my TSH has leveled out now due to the nature of both conditions: one brings it constantly up, one keeps it low for the most part. Yet the symptoms of both hypo and hyper have intensified to the point of gluing me to bed for the most time. On top of that, Hashimoto brought on psychosis which I treat with Rx and most severe migraines that I barely overcome--its like going to hell for several hours with death lingering in the air... Having said that, I have gained 10 unwanted pounds. I fight just to stay in one weight and it is very disturbing. Reading comments of all of you people (well, most of the comments, the thread is fairy long...) I consider you heroes for pulling such diets. I cannot live without carbs, I tried Atkinson and it feels like I am on the verge of death. I counted calories, which was successful for three month, loosing over 20 lbs but then got them all back up and barely try to stop the weight gain at this point. Plus as I counted calories, my body was constantly cold and shaky, I lived from one meal to the next, dreaming to eat again as soon as finished consuming one meal... Oyster mushrooms seemed to calm my thyroid a little, craved them all the time. My struggle to loose weight is unsuccessful. I am hungry for the most part of the day many days--I feel thyroid going crazy as I feel hunger...And if I don't eat something with wheat or sugar, the hunger just eats me alive! Sometimes some yogurt stops hunger--all the opposite from what seemed to help a lot of people on this thread. I am 5'7" which helps me look fairly good but I know I need to loose at least 10 lbs. If anyone thinks up of a solution for me, I would really appreciate it. Alexandra
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As you said, this is a very old, long thread.  If you go to the top of the page and click the orange "Post a Question" button, we can all deal with your personal concerns.  I suggest you do that in the Thyroid Disorders Community.

Mushrooms contain two things that might give you a clue as to what's going on:  selenium and vitamin D.  Perhaps you are deficient in one or both of those and thus the cravings?

Please post a new thread and tell us your latest labs and what meds you're on.  Be sure to include reference ranges from your own lab report.
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I know everyone has their own opinions and this may not be for everyone, but this has been my experience. No help for weight loss. Tired a frustrated I allowed a friend of mine to talk me Into trying the paleo diet. In 2 weeks. No exercise and a few cheats I have lost 4 lbs. I know that not a lot but for us with hashimotos it's a great accomplishment! And I will journey on. The other benefits I have noticed is swelling in my hands and face are considerably better and it seems as if my goiter has already shrunk. Research the diet and see if it may be for u! I am very pleased with the results
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Thanks for commenting on this.  I am going to look into this.
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One thing Im wondering is why a combo therapy of natural and synthetic
thyroid hormone is not suggested more by doctors. Is this because it would
be hard to juggle the two different meds and dosages? Or could there be side effects and drug interactions?  Anyway, one thing Im having a problem with is my cholesterol spiking with this condition. Then Im fighting doctors who want to prescribe statins to counter this which Im mostly against due to side effects and just the idea of being on .....another drug you will have to take the rest of your life? Its also a challenge to generate energy consistently throughout the day, Ive tried pills, potions, and exotic notions everything it seems to jump start my body, though I find yes, if I eat a solid breakfast it is the way to go.
649848 tn?1534637300
You've attached your comments to a very old and long thread; many of the previous posters are no longer active in the community.

There are some doctors who will prescribe both a desiccated hormone and synthetic.  This is, typically, done when one is on a desiccated hormone and Free T4 remains low.   There usually aren't any side effects of combining the 2 meds.  

I think the biggest problem with this approach is that too many doctors are not open to prescribing desiccated hormones to begin with.  Too many of them are still with the old idea that Synthroid is the medication of choice for hypothyroidism.  

I, too, am having a problem with my cholesterol and triglyceride levels, and like you, I'm resisting the use of statins for the same reasons, plus studies have shown that they don't reduce the risk of heart attack.  

My doctor has recommended a rather large dose of fish oil, every day and I am finding that it helps, as my levels have come down somewhat.  I also find that my cholesterol levels often coincide with the amount of exercise I get.  

As far as the energy issue, have you had vitamin B12 and vitamin D levels tested?  Those are often culprits when thyroid levels are good, but you still have some lingering symptoms.

You can find a lot of information on the Thyroid Community, which can be accessed via the following link:


Feel free to post your questions there.  You'll be asked to post your current thyroid hormone levels, along with reference ranges from your lab report.  You'll also be asked what medication/dosage you're on and how long you've been on it.  We find many people whose hormone levels are "in range", but not adequate to alleviate symptoms.
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Conventional, mainstream doctors do not have a clue about this kind of disease, it's always more and more pills, the labs pay them to say that... Only alternative treatments may help in the long run.
649848 tn?1534637300
I think there are a lot of conventional, mainstream doctors who are very knowledgeable about Hashimoto's.  

I agree that pharma, not labs, pay doctors to prescribe their meds.  I happen to have a conventional, mainstream doctor who does not push the statin drugs for cholesterol and/or drugs for other conditions.  He prefers to normalize things with diet and exercise, whenever possible.  
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Hope you will be doing good.

Wanted to check about Thyroid Assist product. I am suffering from Hypothyroidism from 20 years. I am on synthyroid  from last 3 years. My dosage is pretty high. Its 225 Mg regularly.

Now I am looking for something natural. Read about Native Remedies Thyroid Assist product. It looks fine but still I am little skeptical.

It would be great if you can share your view about that.

Thank You!
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I get my Armour meds at the Walmart pharmacy.  Try there also.
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